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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.



story tellers can unite on one place 2 ms old. we bloggers will like this one. are blogging professionals and the most interesting ones have a sense of story.Beginning middle and end Everyone I enjoy having over to dinner or meet fo...
Why?45% of the nations cargo goes through the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach.Therefore the roads out of the port lead to the rest of the world across our local streets. The local mayors met the agents of the South Bay Thursday 3/27/08 in Torrance. It was a great meeting Transportation...
I know so many people that have rescued dogs. One good client got a Katrina Dog. Another is a dog rescue pro that I have seen in action. She spays or neuters the dogs right away. She is tireless. She uses the Loved Dog training and I plan to get the book.I have another friend that took in rescued...
If you want to know about Redondo Beach and you google it. You find out there is a round hill with trees where they had water to feed the sheep. The Indians were all over the area. They came for salt. Thats what I read.The land was for grazing from cattle to sheep. Later flowers and beach houses ...
The old days are gone. The reality is in. The best are the regular ones that always pay on time.The fico is required now. thats what they say, they say it all day now, its about the FHASome lenders are good they have kept off the dust from that good old relationship to Fannie and FreddieLook long...
That guy. What is his secret? He is real. All heart, funny interesting and still sharing the top secrets of success.Its a business. Why not? He is the messinger. He lost his house this year. He found out first hand that he and his family are the life...the good life. They are safe. He came out mo...
So the stinger is this. A lady refinanced 4 times. She didn't know or care if it was recorded. She didn't even use but one of themThen it was time to sell her house. Title did the search and it came up clean as a whistle.The 15 days passed, so did 20 and just when it was time to close they found ...
WCR= Women's Council of Real Estate. They are getting new members by embracing Blogging Big Time with www.WCRBlogs.comI am one that joined last week. So here goes TOP 10  steps that led to "How and Why I joined WCR":1.WCR Learn and Network ( no kidding)2.WCR Blog together (it is a fact)3.I was at...
WCR = Womens Council of Real Estate.  WCR LongBeach South Bay is my chapter.Inman news today! Want to know what top news is up for them? Its networking!  Whoa. Isn't that already what they do? Isn't that what Active Rain is all about too, YES.So what is all this about? What got this started? Who ...

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