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How about a little marketing to get your day off to the right start? As a Virtual Assistant, my goal is to help you achieve your goals. Want to grow your business? Come along for the ride as I provide practical tips and suggestions to help you do just that!



Tuesday Tech Tip: Screen Capture Have you ever wondered how bloggers make those great-looking screen shots?  You know - when they show you exactly where on the page the specific item is located or exactly what to do, step-by-step?Well, thanks to Tuesday's Tech Tip, now YOU can do it too! Here are...
I’m all about cross-promotion! As a result, I have a new cross-promotion project called "Stager of the Week." Each week, I'll showcase a Professional Stager so that you can "meet" them. Stagers are an excellent way to not only help a property look its absolute best, but to get that property sold...
I went to Giant Eagle last night to pick up some more Similac, 2% milk, and salad fixings.  I got my purchases, got in line to wait, got my items wrung up at the cash register then the clerk hands me a piece of paper and ays "here's a coupon to get a FREE movie rental from our Redbox service." I ...
We've had nice weather lately in NE Ohio, haven't we?  I mean, REALLY nice weather.  Highs in the high 50s or low 60s.  Sunny skies.  It is almost as if we are in the beginning stages of Spring! But wait!  We live in Ohio.  In NORTHEAST Ohio.  Where we typically still have cold weather and snow f...
It isn't always about business you know.  I'm talking about social networking. We network socially these days to promote awareness of a brand, a service, a product.  But we also engage in social networking because of the fringe benefits. How many people have you met here on the Active Rain messag...
Remember in school when we used to strive to be at the top of the class?  Well, some of us did.  Some of us just wanted to graduate and get it over with, right?  Some of us wanted to be in the National Honor Society, the Top 1% of the class.  Some of us wanted to be voted Most Likely to Succeed. ...
On my recent blog post "I've Figured It Out: Real Estate Is Like Being Married," I received a comment from Sandy Aicher of Lake Norman Real Estate that prompted this new post. Sandy said: "I haven't thrown in the towel yet! Still trying to make it work. It's a harder and harder job with no love i...
Ok, you guys know how much I love unique marketing ideas, right?  Well, here's one from Vickie McCartney that is right up my alley: quick easy cheap You can't beat that combination!  Thanks Vickie! ~Renae I just wanted to take a few minutes to share a cute "little" idea (one of the many ideas)  I...

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