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Madeline Island real estate, lake homes and waterfront, Apostle Islands, La Pointe and Lake Superior lakeshore properties, western and northwestern Wisconsin real estate, Bayfield homes, Washburn, Ashland, Cornucopia, Herbster and Port Wing real estate. Cabins, cottages, second homes, investment property and land in Ashland county & Bayfield county. Luxury property specialist and broker Eric Kodner in LaPointe, Wisconsin.
How Good Are You at Reading a Client's Facial Expressions? Some trainers tell real estate agents that they need to become better listeners when interacting with clients.  But what about the value of paying closer attention to a client's facial expressions and reactions? Have you ever watched a cl...
Good Advice for Buyers - Memo Your Earnest Money Check I had a good and productive discussion with a CPA friend today about steps a real estate purchaser should take in order to protect themselves at the time an offer with earnest money is drafted and presented to the seller. This CPA advised tha...
Remember the last time you went hiking over a property with prospective buyers? A buyer will ask you "where is the lot line?" between two properties, or "where are the lot corners?" Be careful before you answer that question. Unless you are a state-licensed land surveyor, it's best to avoid repre...
The past thirty days have been good for both our Wisconsin real estate office on Madeline Island and for our Minneapolis & Saint Paul office. [UPDATE: Both of these homes are now SOLD.] Our recent sale of 37640 Brickyard Creek Road in Bayfield, Wisconsin was the first of these two significant pen...
Pricing second homes/vacation homes is often more complex and more challenging than putting a price on a primary home. Seller motivations are different, time frames are different, even the level of urgency is different.The most recent edition of The Residential Specialist magazine (pubished by CR...
I especially enjoyed reading these great ideas for departing home sellers by Kathy Streib, on the website.These ideas won't take long to implement, but they can help to leave behind a good impression with your buyers following the closing of your home sale.  If you don't believe th...
I read an interesting response to the Question & Answer section on the real estate website this morning which got my attention.  The real estate agent who posed the question is a well-known real estate industry observer and the reply came from a luxury real estate specialist in Haw...
The Perils of Showing North Country Vacation Homes in March When you list and show vacation properties, especially during winter and early spring months in the northern United States, doing the job properly requires a certain amount of fortitude. After packing your car (or SUV) with warm clothes,...
You Know You Have a Great Listing When Even the Home Inspector Loves It Two days ago, the prospective buyers of one of our listings (in Bayfield, Wisconsin) had a scheduled home inspection at the property they wish to buy.  The inspector was from the Duluth, Minnesota area and he is widely regard...
Get Info on Bayfield to La Pointe Ferry Service Interruptions via Text Message The winter storms in the Apostle Islands area yesterday and today were a reminder that travelers here need to pay close attention to changes in weather and transportation availability.  The Madeline Island Ferry Line m...

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