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Simple, low-tech, and relatively inexpensive, bars on windows are a highly effective home-security strategy.Answer these simple questions to gauge whether anti-burglar bars may be right for you: Is the burglary rate high or rapidly rising in your neighborhood? Do you have basement or ground-level...
Clean your rain gutters at least twice a year. Otherwise, debris like leaves and twigs can clog up your gutter system, causing potential harm to your house and landscaping -- not to mention the gutters themselves. Here's how to identify and fix a clogged gutter.Is My Gutter Clogged?When it rains,...
Find a great housemate and you can end up with a new best friend.Make a bad choice, and you can end up with a fiend.I had the fiend experience back in the ‘80s when I agreed to split a two-bedroom house with a college student I’d just met. It took me a few months to realize the textbooks she carr...
Your plants need food — nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium — to grow healthy and strong. But they don’t know the difference between store-bought fertilizers and the tonics you mix up yourself.So save some money (up to $12 for 32 oz. of organic plant food) and use these low- or no-cost ingredients t...
A stamped concrete patio gives you the look and texture of a stone patio for a lot less than the real thing -- up to 50% less than the cost of natural slate or limestone.That’s not all. Stamped concrete can mimic brick, cobblestones, cracked earth, and weathered wood. Add a bit of fun with leaf p...
A mature tree can account for as much as 10% of your assessed property value, depending on your market.  With that much at stake, you sure don’t want to have to yell, “Timber!”Here’s how to tell if one of your trees is in danger of falling over, and what you can do about it.How to Inspect Your Tr...
An underground irrigation system delivers water to your landscaping at the right time, and in just the right amount, so you don’t water too much or too little. It’s relatively easy to install and makes a good DIY project.You’ll also save money doing it yourself. A professionally installed system ...
I just love mason jars, those wide-mouth glass canning jars that hold everything from strawberry jam to fireflies. That’s one reason I’ve fallen for the DIY mason jar light fixture made by Taylor of the MaryJanes & Galoshes blog.Although Taylor originally wanted it to light up her gazebo, she lov...
To choose the right bathtub for your bathroom, start with the space. If all you’re doing is replacing an existing alcove tub, your options may be limited, but you can still opt for a deeper bath.If you’re reconfiguring the space or adding a bathroom, you’ll have many options. Here’s what you need...
A typical basement ceiling is an unsightly maze of plumbing pipes, wires, ductwork, and structural bracing. But take heart: Hiding all those systems with a finish material will give your basement instant credibility as usable living space.Finishing a basement ceiling often involves some compromis...

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