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All to often Realtors are compared to Car Salesman, not that there is anything wrong with a car salesman, in fact there are a lot of helpful ones, but unfortunatley there are some shysters too.  The same can be said of Realtors, and that is the statement that leads to this post.  I was just readi...
Local Builder who builds homes, offers one heck of a deal, sounds to good to be true, and we all know the old saying....if it sounds to good to be true....   Situation - Client calls and says that they dropped by a local builders office to check out some homes.  They proceeded to tell me that thi...
I have been thinking all day about my best Active Rain Memory and I finally thought of it.  Although it may not be memorable to everyone, it is quite memorable to me.  It is my very first AR post.  I remember how hard it was for me to come up with something to write about and on top of that find ...
I was flipping through the MLS today looking for some property for a client, and I ran across a home that had no pictures loaded.  First of all this is one of my biggest soap box issues.  If you are going to take a listing, please do your clients, other agents and potential buyers a favor, at the...
I love this and it coincides with my post about Raising the Bar.  We like to refer to this as a Pop Tart Realtor, not a Professional. It's a common thing. Recently SarahGray Lamm wrote a post titled, "ADVICE NEEDED: Blogging Works. Now What..."  The basic premise of the post was how to handle th...
What does raising the bar in Real Estate Mean to YOU? We know that consumers are educating themselves about the market and actually they enjoy the non-intrusive internet hunt for a home.  In fact 87% of homebuyers start their search on the internet so that tells you that only 13% are still doing ...
First time home exciting yet it can be very scary. You have decided to stop renting and own your piece of the American Dream. Where do you start, what questions should you ask? First step is to analyze how much you can afford to pay each month. A good start is your monthly rent. You h...
I have been working with a client for 2 years.  This client was very serious about buying a house but she was also very smart with her money and wasn't going to purchase just any house.  She had been renting the same house for 8 years so moving and buying would take her out of her comfort zone, b...
If you are curious as to what the market is doing on a monthly basis, please continue to check back as we update all the residential sales numbers on a monthly basis.  The good news is that the average sales price is increasing and the days on market are decreasing.  We started the year out with ...
Innovative Realty Group, Damon Crelia & Malisa Spivey at The Executive Real Estate Center were Awarded The Prestigious 'Real Estate Online Marketing Award Of Excellence' By Waco, TX, September 4, 2009, Nationally renowned real estate marketing and technology speaker and® V...

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