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As we close out 2006 and get ready to start another great year I just wanted to feature 2 more posts.First we have How About a Quick $50 by Rich Kruse that reports on how a thick-headed buyer's agent went a little overboard.Sorry I didn't wright this up last week Rich, I know you have a sensitive...
 Happy (almost) New Year to everyone!  Now is the time to get ready to implement all of those changes, improvements and traditional New Year's Resolutions we've been thinking so hard about.  Granted you should never really wait to make changes, but with the New Year almost here, there's that whol...
Both of these crazy stories happened at a company I no longer work for - long ago and far, far away. One day I'm checking on my files in the Processor's office - I had to do it myself because she was having her daily lunch with one of the owners - that usually lasted about 3.5 hours, nudge, nudge...
NoNONO!Ok, so much for the easy part.I'd been thinking of posting this for awhile.  A discussion with a Client earlier today convinced me that I better start writing!Basically, there is a generally accepted idea that a company's size is a direct indicator of it's quality.  As Russell Martin menti...
             Ben Stein cracks me up - 3 of his books: How to Ruin Your Life, How to Ruin Your Love Life and How to Ruin Your Financial Life are side-splitters.          That is, if you can handle scarcasm and a very dry wit.          These books are filled with examples of what NOT to do with you...
I was going to post this the other day and I kept getting distracted.Then I read a few of Lee Krepps posts - I cracked up and I mentioned a song I remembered from the late 70's / early 80's.Do any of you remember the characters Bob and Doug McKenzie  - the 2 Canadian brothers played by Rick Moran...
 After an unfortunate rain delay on Friday, the Marc vs Jason  End-of-Year Tournament finally got going this morning at about 7:30 EST!  As the crack security team held back the adoring crowds (in my mind, that is) we approached the first tee at the Jupiter Dunes Golf Club.    As I started to tak...
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some tips for new Mortgage Broker's and Loan Officers. In it I talked about a guy who came into Internet Realty Brokers to pitch his mortgage company.  He was exactly the type of salesman that makes me CRINGE! Well, yesterday he came baaaaacccccckkkkk.        ...
That's right!  It's finally upon us....... Sports fans have been eagerly awaiting it- Women from all around the state (well, at least Chris) will be there begging for autographs- Local homeowners are boarding up their homes and buying extra insurance.... It's The Annual Marc vs Jason Golf Tournam...
OK - I know I said I wouldn't feature myself, but my Officially Official Group Moderators:Mr. Mom - Jason Price, aided by Madison andChris "The Cowgirl"both said 'No Marc - Feature one of your posts!' - I tried to hold back, but they insisted.  I'll let them both know later.........So without fur...

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