selling: Do NOT Raise the Price on Your Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate! - 06/10/09 09:52 AM

Now that the word is spreading that the worst of the housing crisis is over, some homeowners are starting to do some incredibly stupid things.
(BTW, if you're offended by that you should take a very close look at what you are currently doing.) 
The BIG question is "Do you REALLY want to sell it, or do you want it to sit on the market for a looooooooong time while the houses around it DO sell"?
Believe it or not, some people are starting to RAISE the prices on their homes!  Folks, please, get a grip.  If your home has not sold in … (2 comments)

selling: Is Your Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate Agent Marketing Your Luxury Property Properly? - 01/22/09 03:01 PM

Here's a question for you: How many times has your property been shown since it was listed?
Pretty simple question.
Now, we all realize that nothing matters until a sale takes place - but if no one is coming to see your home, how many offers do you think you'll get?
I talked to 2 people in the last week who are considering cancelling their current contracts because in the MONTHS that their homes have been for sale NO ONE has ever come to see the home!
Things may be a little slow, but if NOBODY shows up, do you think something … (2 comments)

selling: Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate - More on Pricing 'Confusion' - 11/03/08 03:07 PM
Do You Want to SELL your Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate or Just Play Games?
It's pretty simple - if you want to sell your property you have to price it properly.
Easy, right?
Well, apparently not.
Of course everyone wants to get as much as possible when they sell their property, but unless you REALISTICALLY price it, not only will it not be shown, it won't sell until AFTER you've adjusted the price.  So why not start off in the right price range to begin with?
I focus on real estate in Palm Beach Gardens and I can tell you from … (0 comments)

selling: A Sure Way NOT to Sell Your Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate- - 05/17/08 11:42 AM
This is one of those things that sounds like a bad joke - until you realize that the person that you're talking to ISN'T kidding!
Client: "I think I'll take my home off the market for a little while."
Me: "Why is that? Have you changed your mind about selling it?"
Client: "Oh no, not at all - I just think that taking it off the market will ________________________________ (fill in the blank with flawed logic)."
Makes absolutely no sense.  There is still quite a bit of Palm Beach Gardens real estate for sale so the only thing this temporary change does is … (6 comments)

selling: Do You Want to Sell Your Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate or Play Games? - 02/14/08 11:12 AM
If that title didn't catch your eye, I don't know what will......
You and your family have decided to sell your Palm Beach Gardens real estate and I'm going to cover some things that should help make the process smoother and faster.

The most important thing is pricing the home correctly. If you didn't hear me, I said

One of the biggest problems facing Palm Beach Gardens real estate right now is the fact that so much of it is soooooo overpriced!
As I've said to many people, when you're considering what your property is worth NOW:

selling: Are You SURE Your Listing Agent is REALLY Trying to Sell Your Home?? - 11/15/07 05:18 AM
OK - you've picked a Listing Agent for your Palm Beach real estate.
The property might be in BallenIsles, PGA National, Ibis or anywhere in Palm Beach County, the 'where' doesn't matter .
The big question is:
Are you sure that your Agent is really trying to sell your Home?
That may sound ridiculous - because Realtors® only get paid if the Home sells - BUT way too many Palm Beach real estate owners list with Agents that do not actively try to sell the property!  The key word being 'actively'. What happens is that one person will get a bunch of listings and just sit on them - … (4 comments)

selling: Sellers Expect (and Deserve) the Truth - They Just Don't Want to Hear it! - 11/12/07 02:43 PM
I've been tossing this idea for an article around for a few days.
Then I came across a post on Miamism written by Rick & Ines that said pretty much what I'd been thinking about.  Hey, great minds think alike!
In the article they present 3 Scenarios, all of which deal with current problems in the Real Estate Industry.
Here is the first one where a potential Client interviews three Listing Agents :
 Agent 1 tells themthe truth about the miami real estate market and how they will sell the home for a lot less than they had planned.  Agent 2 tells them they will list the property at whatever price they … (2 comments)

selling: Selling your Palm Beach Home - Reality Check! - 08/21/07 10:03 AM
Selling Palm Beach Real Estate really isn't any different then selling property anywhere else in the Country.
Granted, this subject has been beaten to death - usually by 'pros' who want to impress you by making things sound complicated.  It really isn't that hard.
No matter where you are, there are just a few major things that will determine how quickly your Property will sell.
******* Now- before we get into this too far, those of you that are just getting to know me and my style had better get ready - I am nothing if not blunt!  -- Just a bit of a … (4 comments)

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