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I just thought that I'd spread this around as much as possible.  It is something everyone needs to be aware of. Our network is being plagued by cut and paste content! So today we hired a new team member. Let me introduce you to Harlen 'The Copyright Crusader'. We are a community of PROFESSIONALS!...
Everyone needs to understand this and I sure can't explain!Kelan and I take you through the new ActiveRain Listing Router. Watch as I explain how we are going to increase your business and get the traffic looking in your market to your website. IMPORTANT NOTE The "Listing Router" will ONLY show u...
Ogden Nash wrote in his "Carnival of Animals"  "Elephants are useful friends Equipped with handles at both ends. They have a wrinkled, moth proof hide Their teeth are upsidedown outside!" So who is the unappreciated elephant in your life?  In your office?  In your group?   Do you know who I am ta...
  Gayle Balaban Brokker/Owner                                                                             The Best Spot Realty  423-785-7768  I live in this community and look forward to helping you find your place in it!  Give me a call and I'd be happy to show you around.  Taxes are low, the sc...
What wonderful sounds an sites and smells are in Collegedale, Tn this time of year!  I am not going to try to tell you a story, simply let you look at what I collected today from around town in the fall season.. By the way, this weekend was homecoming weekend for Collegedaale Academy and a lot o...
This is the quaint little Post Office in the tiny enclaave known as Apison, Tennessee.  Sandwiched between Collegedale, Tn., McDonald, Tn., and Ooltewh, Tn. this tiny little community is a quiet, country place to live.  The houses are mostly modest.  There is not much of a "town" per se, yet the...
I was recently on a forum and someone asked about Delano Tn. and Benton, Tn.  Unfortunately the forum prohibited me from answering about a lisiting that I have and the River Ranch in Benton would fit them perfectly.  I decided to post another blog about the area so that the chance improves that ...
I haven't written about the Poos in a while, so, here's an update: MARILYN   She is home now at 16 months old.   She is growing coat to go back in the show ring.  She is turning out to be an intelligent, athletic and highly independent girl.  Stuning to look at.  She came home with 4 points and a...
Yesterday I wrote a blog about Palisades Park, N.J. back in the day.  Well, Jim Albano asked me to post it to the North Jersey group and well, being the techno nerd that I am I erased it while I was trying to post it over, so take II. When I was a pre-teen I lived in N.J. and one of my greatest ...

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