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I am in real estate just turning my 4th year this year, I have already seen lots of changes in this business.  I got in the business in 2007, when things started to turn upside down, then it went for the worse.  Even the mentality of the public has changed so much in the last few years just amaze...
Two Happy First time Home Buyers closed on their first home in Marion Ar today! I was working with client A first, while we were looking for a house, his mom referred a client to me who is also a first time buyer.  The more the merrier.  Guess what, we close both of them today! It is hot!  But my...
Another happy buyer is moving to St. John's Landing in Marion Ar I just sold the only finished new construction in St. John's Landing in Marion, Ar. to a happy buyer.  She loves the house on 809 Greenock Way.  She loves the details and quality of her future home built by Dannik-Home-Builders  Rig...
My dear friend, Kay has some excellent advice on checking your credit report before home buying, make sure to correct the mistake/s while you have time to do so.Correct Your Credit Report Errors Before You Start Your Home Search Your ability to buy or refinance your home clearly depends on your c...
How to buy foreclosures in Marion Ar? If you are trying to look for some bargain in Marion, Ar., this may be a good time for you to get on the wagon to look for some foreclosures.  But, wait, do you know what you need to do first?  How to buy them?  Who do you talk to?  How to get financed?  Is i...
Buyers, please DON'T open any new credit account or do any major shopping before you close Please pay attention to the information I am sharing with you here, it is for your own good, and it CAN happen to you.  I am NOT a loan officer, I am a real estate agent who works with buyers constantly and...
WoW, we were sunny and hot today, until 12:45 p.m.  Things changed dramatically all a sudden, we had tornado watch till 2 p.m., severe thunderstorm, heavy rain, strong wind.  Then, it got quiet, it was gone just like that.  Left behind was the debris from the trees, dust on the cars, broken tree ...
Seller, your house is on the market for sale, you are hoping it will be sold in a reasonable amount of time.  Better yet, you got a very nice offer in the first week after it is on the market.  Yippee! I know it will be ideal to reach the goal of netting certain amount that you hope for.  But, it...
It is HOT out there, and so is the National Open House Weekend in Marion Ar! Wow, it was close to 110 degrees heat index this weekend, but it didn't stop the home buyers coming out to visit the National Open House Weekend.  The activities were great and I met at least 4 sets of buyers who want to...
Homes over 2,500 square feet for sale in Marion Ar If you are looking for bigger homes to buy in Marion, Ar., there are currently 24 homes on the market and it occupies 17% of our listings in Marion, Ar.  That is a pretty good number of houses to choose from.  These are the subdivisions with home...

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