wisconsin: Hot Real Estate Market in Wisconsin - 07/01/11 10:38 AM
June was the hottest month of the year here in the Wisconsin Real Estate market and the offers keep coming in.  This is my own gage of the Real Estate market and not any official numbers.  However, from talking with many Realtors, other lenders, and title companies I think the numbers will back up my statement.Over the last 21 years, I have seen hotter markets but we do seem to have a much better balance of buyers and sellers than we have had in the last few years.  If you are looking to get pre approved call me, Mark Nehs, at … (1 comments)

wisconsin: Buying a Second Home in Wisconsin - 05/14/11 01:57 PM
Not only our first time home buyers heating up the market in Wisconsin so are second home buyers!!.  This week I pre approved two buyers to buy second homes in Wisconsin.  This is a very good sign that confidence is coming back.
A second home is usually a vacation home and it can sometimes double as where you want to retire.  This was the case for both of my buyers this week.  One buyer is looking for a property near Lake Michigan and the other found a place in the middle of the Wisconsin which will be used for hunting and … (2 comments)

wisconsin: Pick your Mortgage Lender, Realtor, and others wisely - 05/09/11 02:49 PM
Does it matter whom you use for a Realtor, mortgage lender, home inspector, title insurance company, and others? 
Why? Because one oblivious and unprepared professional can ruin the whole purchase transaction.  Can you use someone else?  Yes.  When as your mortage lender I suggest you use someone and you do will I get some money under the table?  No. 
My objective for you as the buyer is for your transaction to be as smooth and problem free as possible.  By using the best professionals in the Wisconsin market we will have the best chance of achieving that goal.
Looking to … (3 comments)

wisconsin: The Sun and the Buyers have come out in Wisconsin - 05/06/11 01:41 PM
The Home Buying season has officially started here in Wisconsin per Mark Nehs Waukesha County Mortgage Loan Officer.  I am not expecting it to be recognized by the Waukesha County Executive or anything but it sure was a great week.  Like a breath of fresh air the first week of May brought more buyers and buyers putting in offers than any in the last 8 months!!

Thanks to the great Realtors finding buyers what they want and pricing houses at the right price to sell.  Interest rates dropped this week and we actually saw the sun. I had a buyer … (1 comments)

wisconsin: Cudahy Wisconsin 58 Open Houses May 1st - 04/30/11 04:33 AM
The City of Cudahy is hosting a city wide Cudahy Open House Sunday Afternoon May 1st Cudahy Wisconsin.  Click Here for the open house list Most of the homes will be open from 12-4 pm but not all.
If you have questions about getting pre approved or mortgage lending questions in general lenders will be available at the Cudahy Family Library from 11-12.  Please call me on my cell phone at 262-613-2730 if you have any questions before, during, or after the event.
General Information about the Event Open House Map List of Open Houses  

wisconsin: Should you get your mortgage loan from a local mortgage lender? - 04/27/11 05:49 AM
Mortgage lending is viewed by many as a commodity like buying a gallon of milk.  There are many horror stories out there that too many customers know all too well that all mortgage lenders are not created equal.  This does not mean someone needs to be local to provide good service but when shopping for a mortgage lender most importantly you should shop for someone you trust and secondly I do think having a local lender will help make the process even better. 
The biggest reason to use a local mortgage lender is local knowledge. Buying a house is different … (1 comments)

wisconsin: This house is listed as a Short Sale what does that mean? - 02/26/11 08:35 AM
A short sale is when the bank needs to approve the sale of the house for less than what the sellers owe on the property.  Just yesterday first time home buyers were meeting with me and were wondering what a short sale was because one of the houses the Realtor found for them was a short sale. Here is an example
The buyer wants to offer $200,000The seller owes $220,000
How can this house be sold?  The answer is the bank needs to agree to take less money than what is owed to them.  Sometimes they say yes and sometimes they … (6 comments)

wisconsin: Warming up in Wisconsin - 02/19/11 08:56 AM
Not only has the weather been warming up but so have the first time home buyers.  Several pre approved by Mark Nehs first time home buyers are out there looking for properties right now.  I have been a mortgage lender in Wisconsin for 20 years now and this may not be the most buyers I have been working with in February but I would say it is close.  Typically Wisconsin buyers hide until it is warm out but with so many houses for sale at great prices they are getting out now.
Buyers are guessing that rates might be going up … (5 comments)

wisconsin: Only 3 more Days... - 02/03/11 09:30 AM
3 more days until our beloved Packers take the field.  I can't wait.  A blizzard here in the Milwaukee area distracted us for a couple of days but now it is back to all Packers all the time.  Yes, I understand it is just a game but it is the BIGGEST game and us Packer fans are a little (or maybe a lot) over the top.
The 2010 Packers have persevered through some major injuries that would have crippled most teams.  Thankfully they figured out a way to win barely enough games to get into the playoffs and then have continued … (4 comments)

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