reo: AVAILABLE REFERRALS FOR YOU!!! - 01/16/10 08:51 AM
I am constantly asked about whether or not I work with "land contracts." In all honesty, I am very busy and I don't have the experience nor desire to work with them. I am constantly driving clients all over SW Ohio showing them HUDS and foreclosed homes and I need a little breathing room here and there.
If anyone is interested in receiving leads for buyers seeking to do land contracts, please let me know. I get several requests for them daily and I'm willing to share them for a measily 20% tip fee.
Please feel free to let me know. … (0 comments)

reo: Relocation - 01/10/10 09:14 PM
If you are looking for an agent who can refer you to other agents that would be of interest to you in your chosen areas, please let me know.
I belong to numerous networking sites and our company is involved with one of the largest relocation company networks in the country as well.
I do not charge you for this free service.  I believe that the more exposure that I have to various organizations and networks, the better my business will become.
I specialize in selling short sales, foreclosures and REO properties.  If this is what you are looking for, then … (1 comments)

reo: Bad advice for my "new" client from her "former" agent - 01/03/10 03:36 AM
I do not understand why an agent would suggest to their client they do a whole house inspection PRIOR to making an offer on a home.
I just obtained a new client who informed me that she had fired her last agent after he told her to have the utilities put into her name and do a complete home inspection BEFORE he would even write up an offer on it.
Well, you guessed it, the REO seller of the home accepted an offer from someone else and my "new" client not only lost out on buying that house, she lost all … (5 comments)

reo: Very useful information for my colleagues about my new SFR designation - 12/20/09 02:08 PM
Considering that we belong to such a new and unique group of Realtors, I feel it's best to exchange information amongst ourselves that might assist us in developing our careers and knowledge even further. I think that it is lucrative that we not only proudly display our SFR designations, but that we have the added knowledge to further strengthen our positions in this marketplace.Here is my first tip of many for my colleagues. When writing a contract on an REO or any property, always include language that protects your clients in the event of any delinquent utility bills and assessments.I recently … (3 comments)

reo: Hold onto your hats... - 09/25/09 01:37 AM
After speaking with a local lender recently, he informed me that projections for the Montgomery County Ohio area will be blasted with a new round of foreclosures in October.
Hopefully with all of the recent changes in the lending guidelines and new government regulations this type of negative information will become a thing of the past.
In the meantime, if you are looking to buy a bank owned home or REO property, please feel free to contact me.  I have taken the required education to obtain the accredited ABR designation and in addition to that, the newest designation pertaining to short sales, … (1 comments)

reo: The importance of a pre-approval letter! - 09/20/09 11:38 PM
The home buying process might seem a little confusing if you haven't gone through it before.   However, it can actually be a lot easier than you think, particularly if you're working with an experienced Realtor, and particularly when there are so many good deals out there and interest rates are so low!  
 I've been helping first-time home buyers realize their dreams for years. I can speed up your home search, help arrange financing and help you negotiate a great deal. Please call or email me when you're ready to take this big step.
 It does not matter which company … (3 comments)

reo: BANK OWNED, HUD, REO, FORECLOSED blah blah blah... - 02/18/09 12:40 PM
I am sure that many people are very confused these days when it comes time to buy a home.  Everyone wants a good deal.  Everyone wants a bargain.  Everyone wants instant equity.  Below I will address a few of the most commonly asked questions about these kinds of homes.
Where do they begin?  What do the different sets of letters mean and are they important to a home buyer?  Are there different places to find these types of homes?  Are the DOT.COM sites accurate and up to date?  Who pays the "buyer's agent" commissions and fees?  How long does the buying … (3 comments)

reo: Now, more than ever, is the time to make some changes.... - 09/30/08 12:01 PM
 We as real estate professionals need to be well aware of our surroundings.  You'd have to be vision impaired if you didn't notice what is going on all around us.  I keep hearing people say, "I'm not selling a thing" or "this market sucks" and on and on...
Well, I saw the writing on the wall awhile back and decided to make some changes in my career pathway.  I left a rather large and successful local real estate company in SW Ohio and joined an awesome International real estate company.  When it comes down to people relocating and/or looking for a stable company … (0 comments)

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