short sale: On Your Mark, Get Set, Sign It!! - The Plight Of Today's Buyer - 11/18/09 10:45 PM
Here's the flip side of the coin. So I'm working as a buyer's agent all over San Diego County for these buyers, some have all cash, some with 20% down AND WE CAN'T LAND A HOUSE. At least not yet...
I'm following my own advice from my post as a listing agent: Short Sale Listing Agents Are (Not) Jerks!!. We're writing offers on day one of the listing, many times over list price giving the seller control of services (even though in California buyers are allowed a say in whose services are chosen. Yeah right, when pigs fly!). We're signing an umpteen … (23 comments)

short sale: A Reminder To Stop Complaining - There Are Happy Endings In A Tough Market - 05/28/09 03:20 PM
Just when I noticed myself complaining, this came from a client overseas. He's a Navy service member and successful short sale client. He was also one of my first clients ever, I sold this home to him several years ago, unfortunately he had to sell short. From the time he signed the listing to the time it closed, 15 months had passed. We had almost given up hope.
Yes 15 months. Don't ask. Now it's all done and this came in the mail today from one of the Navy's finest west coast aircraft carriers, from my client Larry. It made my … (11 comments)

short sale: What? A Request For Repair? - 04/06/09 11:05 PM
Have you ever had a seller wonder what this was all about? Chances are if you're a Rainmaker you've coached your clients well, both buyers and sellers alike. On occasion my sellers are blindsided with some creative requests. Here's how I coach both buyers and sellers to prevent this from happening. Note: Buyers and sellers reading this, you might impress your agent, pay attention...
Understand the part of the contract where "as is" is mentioned. In California the purchase contract specifically states "the property is sold in its present physical condition". What this means is it comes with the faux wooden beams, wood … (44 comments)

short sale: Catch A Falling Knife...An Analogy of The Real Estate Market - 03/13/09 02:35 AM
I love a good analogy and often use them in client conversations. Catching a knife could be a bloody endeavor. In this story it's one of those multi purpose knives where you can use different tools for different jobs. Often enough the tool might not have the right size, length or capability. If you can imagine this knife falling to the floor, you wouldn't want to catch it either, right? Use the following symbolism and maybe you (buyers and agents alike) may or may not take a risk in "catching" certain types "knives".
The knife is a house. The blade (screwdriver, file, … (2 comments)

short sale: Agents Are Funny...What Are Words For? - 03/10/09 06:08 PM
Okay, so I'm not an aspiring Pulitzer Prize winning author. I'm still searching for my voice as a blogger. As a hired professional I'd like to think I can be a decent wordsmith entering public and confidential comments in a listing to cause a buyer or another agent to want to come see my client's home.  I'd also like to think that my buyers and I would do the same in response to someone else's verbal imagery and attention to detail.
Here are some of the finer examples of what our brethren out there are saying to sell their clients homes (these are cut … (12 comments)

short sale: Listing Agents - How would you answer this? - 03/07/09 12:39 AM
I have a listing that has expired and have re-listed it $50k less than the last list price. It's a normal sale, not a short sale or a bank owned foreclosure. It's even owned outright, no money owed (how's that for different?). Since re-listing I've had about a dozen calls in the first two days asking what the seller will accept.
Being that the majority of homes listed here in San Diego are bank controlled, buyer's agents tend to ask very pointed questions about price. REO agents tend to be tight lipped while short sale agents are very free flowing with … (27 comments)

short sale: Lucky 13 - How to Buy a Short Sale Home in 13 Easy Steps - 03/02/09 10:47 AM

How to Buy a Short Sale Home - Simplified
Here is what I recommend to buyers not in tune with what a short sale might entail. A good buyer's agent can walk their client through the process with this as a thumbnail sketch.
1. Get pre-qualified  / pre-approved.
2. Set realistic search parameters based on what you can afford and what you need. 
3. Interview agents. Get good help. Commit to one agent.
4. The house hunt. See as many as it takes to make a wise, swift decision; bring a clipboard/checklist for notes. 
5. House found. Have your agent … (2 comments)

short sale: Conversation With a Frustrated Buyer's Agent - 02/10/09 06:43 AM

Let me set the stage, the house in this conversation was built 4 years ago, sellers at one time were downsizing to move into this new home. Typical story, they refinanced the bigger home, took out cash for the down payment on the newer/smaller house, carried the two homes for a while then decided to sell the big house just a little too late. When the big house hit the market, sellers were on the higher end of price spectrum AND pressed up against break even for the time; if priced any lower they would have needed to pay … (5 comments)

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