decay: Common Housing Defects, Part 1 - 10/22/11 03:14 AM
Common Housing Defects, Part 1
 Home Inspectors may disagree on the exact order of a list of prevalent defects found in the course of home inspections. One thing they will almost universally agree on is that water is the enemy of a house and those defects that lead to water problems are among the most devastating.
¬†Landscaping problems are often a simple matter of assuring that the soil slopes away from the structure for the first 10 feet or so at a rate of about 1 inch per foot. When coupled with a proper gutter system, this will help reduce … (41 comments)

decay: Deck Check, 10 minutes to a safer Summer - 05/03/11 04:13 PM
Decks provide a great place to relax during warmer months, and will last for years if not decades, but do have a few requirements to help assure your family's safety. Remember to inspect each of the following at the start of warmer weather so that nothing interferes with the sun and fun.
1) Look for cracks, holes or signs of decay. Probe places where water might accumulate such as depressions and cracks. Holes may indicate insects are setting up home. Check with your local pest control expert.
2) The ledger board (the board attached to the house that supports the ends … (4 comments)

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