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Denver Colorado home inspection blog designed to help educate home buyers, sellers and real estate industry professionals. Home Inspection Denver, Home Inspections Denver Colorado, Home Inspectors Colorado Springs, Home Inspector Castle Rock Colorado, Property Inspections, Mold Testing, Radon Testing, Well and Septic Inspections, Water Testing, Termite Inspections Parker Colorado, Colorado Real Estate, Home Buyers
​What is a cookie cutter home inspector? The simple definition is a home inspector who performs multiple home inspections in a day. Why should you care? There are some cookie cutters who perform up to 4 home inspections per day! That is 4 “complete” home inspections, travel time, report writing t...
Radon is an all-too-common invisible radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Thankfully it can be easily fixed if you have your home tested. Protect yourself and your loved ones by having your home tested as soon as possible.
Flooding can cause devastating damage to a home or business so it’s important that people understand flood risks in their area, especially since most standard homeowners insurance policies doesnt cover it. Keep in mind that just because a flood hasn’t occurred in a particular area in people’s mem...
The best kept secret in todays Real Estate industry is that of the "Deal Killer". The deal killer essentially refers to a home inspector who is widely known in his or her area as being extremely thorough and critical with their home inspections. The deal killers are the home inspectors that find ...
When it comes to the home inspection, you absolutely have the right to be nit picky! Believe it or not, there are some in the real estate industry who believe that home inspectors can be TOO nit-picky during a home inspection and will even go as far as to advise potential home buyers to overlook ...
By the time making an offer rolls around, you’ve likely already invested a hefty amount of time and energy into finding the perfect home for your family’s needs. With financing options in place and a great property in your sights, making an offer is the beginning of the backstretch, and, with a l...
It has been asked if we use Thermal Imaging – Infrared cameras during our home inspections? The answer is no, and here’s why. Home inspectors who use Thermal Imaging – Infrared Cameras are placing a huge amount of liability on themselves and run the risk of being wrong when describing their find...
The effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions starts at home. Carbon dioxide accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, and electricity makes up the largest portion of CO2 emissions. This means that in order to lower your carbon footprint, you must look to the electricity-hungry applia...
Here is how much you energy you can save in each room around your house with just one simple upgrade. When you save energy around the home, it saves money for the household, as well!
The electrical system is an essential part of your home, yet it's often taken for granted -- and that's a dangerous attitude to have when it comes to electricity.

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