home inspection: Is Your Home Inspector a Cookie Cutter? - 03/28/16 01:56 AM

​What is a cookie cutter home inspector?
The simple definition is a home inspector who performs multiple home inspections in a day.
Why should you care?
There are some cookie cutters who perform up to 4 home inspections per day! That is 4 “complete” home inspections, travel time, report writing time, delivery and numerous other home inspector duties that the general public typically has no knowledge of or really cares about.
Now ask yourself this question: just how thorough can this home inspector be?
Why are cookie cutters so busy?
Most cookie cutters reside inside the real estate agents pocket. These … (0 comments)

home inspection: Getting Nit-Picky With The Home Inspection - 11/08/15 10:09 PM
When it comes to the home inspection, you absolutely have the right to be nit picky!
Believe it or not, there are some in the real estate industry who believe that home inspectors can be TOO nit-picky during a home inspection and will even go as far as to advise potential home buyers to overlook certain issues found during their home inspection. Last time I checked, home buyers pay home inspectors to be as picky as possible during a home inspection.
When looking at and reading "other" home inspector websites, you will sometimes see phrases that may indicate that the home … (0 comments)

home inspection: Why Thermal Imaging Has No Place In The Home Inspection Industry - 03/11/15 12:02 AM

It has been asked if we use Thermal Imaging – Infrared cameras during our home inspections? The answer is no, and here’s why.
Home inspectors who use Thermal Imaging – Infrared Cameras are placing a huge amount of liability on themselves and run the risk of being wrong when describing their findings. By definition, a home inspection is an examination of all of the visible and accessible areas of a home. Anything more is NOT within a home inspectors realm.
Do not be fooled by those offering “high tech” inspections such as infrared thermal imaging. While the makers of these cameras market heavily to … (0 comments)

home inspection: Home Inspector Appreciation Week - 11/02/14 10:23 PM
November 3rd - 9th is home inspector appreciation week. Don't forget to show your inspector some love, and use hashtag #ShowYourInspectorSomeLove!


home inspection: Have You Thanked Your Home Inspector? - 10/20/14 01:06 AM
The last time you had a home inspection, did you thank your home inspector? If not, you really should have.
Most people do not understand home inspections or how they work mainly because people feel that the only time they really need a home inspector is when they are buying a home. (which could not be further from the truth, but we’ll have to address that in another blog) so you typically only run into a home inspector once every 5 years or so. There are some who believe that home inspectors are a joke or that they get paid too … (0 comments)

home inspection: MC2 Home Inspections Plans Expansion to Denver Colorado Market in 2015 - 10/08/14 06:45 AM


home inspection: Home Inspection vs Home Appraisal – What’s The Difference? - 09/30/14 04:42 AM
Buying a home is one of most important and expensive purchases you will ever make.  Both you and your lender need to know that the home you’re buying is everything you believe it to be.  You will want to know that the home is free from any material defects and the lender needs to know that there is adequate value for the loan.  As this infographic illustrates, a home inspection is used to find material defects in the home and the home appraisal is used to determine the property’s market value.


home inspection: Historic Home or Money Pit? - 09/30/14 04:36 AM
If you're flirting with the idea of buying and renovating an historic home, make sure to hire individual inspectors to assess potentially expensive problems with the roof, plumbing, electrical system or foundation.  A "whole house" inspector may be sufficient when buying a newer home, but you need true experts to avoid potentially expensive surprises in older homes.
Here are 10 tips on what to look out for.


home inspection: Common Home Inspection Myths Debunked - 09/30/14 04:26 AM
Whether you are buying or building a home, it is always a wise idea to have a professional home inspection performed before you sign that dotted line. Educate yourself as to what a home inspection truly is and is not.


home inspection: Homebuyers: Real Home Inspection Advice From A Real Home Inspector - 09/30/14 04:11 AM

Do a web search on home inspections and you are sure to get plenty of advice. But just who is giving this advice and more importantly, how do THEY know what a home inspection is supposed to entail?
Many would be advice givers on the subject of home inspections are flat out not qualified to give advice concerning the most important and crucial step in the home buying process. Some tend to provide their own twisted brand of advice to better suit their needs rather than yours. As I read through some of these home inspection advice articles, I have to laugh … (0 comments)

home inspection: Condition of Indianapolis homes inspected in 2011 much worse than previous years - 12/29/11 11:31 PM
According to our own statistical data, only 35% of Indianapolis homes inspected in 2011 were considered to be in “good” condition. This is down sharply from 2010 where we saw 43% and in 2009 46% respectively.
The over abundance of distressed homes on the market has certainly contributed a great deal to these numbers. So just what do these numbers mean? Well, from a home inspectors standpoint, it would appear to indicate a significant downward spiral in home maintenance. It also underscores the importance of obtaining a professional home inspection during the home buying process.
Falling home prices and equity are … (0 comments)

home inspection: Ice Dams – Causes and Prevention - 12/06/11 12:21 AM
Here we are at the beginning of another cold Indianapolis winter and like every winter here in Indiana many property owners will experience issues with ice dams that will eventually cause shingle damage, roof leaks and the possibility of mold.
Although it may seem as though ice dams are an unstoppable force of nature, they can be prevented. Attics with cathedral or vaulted ceiling areas that have been correctly incorporated into the overall building envelope usually don’t have problems with ice dams and icicles in the cold seasons. Through the use of proper insulation and ventilation techniques, ice dams can be … (0 comments)

home inspection: Home Buyers – Read This Before Hiring A Home Inspector - 12/03/11 05:29 AM

Congratulations! You just made a purchase agreement on what you hope will be your dream home. Now you are in your five to ten day grace period where you are allowed to practice due diligence and you are now looking to have a professional home inspection done. So where do you start?
No doubt your Realtor just handed you a list of three home inspection companies to call. Many home buyers really don’t give it a second thought. But if you stop and think about it for just a minute, just how did these home inspectors get on this list? After … (0 comments)

home inspection: Buyer Beware: Foreclosed Homes and Black Mold - 11/25/11 05:23 AM
It’s difficult to pick up the paper or watch the news without seeing a report on foreclosed homes flooding the market. This backlog of homes created in the past several years has motivated many lenders to move them at a fraction of their appraised value. If you want to purchase a foreclosed home, the thought has probably crossed your mind that you may be able to get a pretty good deal. It’s true, you may, but then again, you may not.
As you are shopping for that foreclosed bargain, be aware of one very important, growing problem that could add thousands … (0 comments)

home inspection: Does Your Home Make The Grade? - 11/19/11 12:04 PM

As a professional home inspector, I have found that a great deal of the moisture problems found in homes are caused and aggravated by improper grading or as we call it in the inspection industry “negative grading”. Negative grading is where the ground around your home is sloped in towards your foundation. A negative grade allows rain water to pool next to your foundation walls and slowly seep into your basement or crawlspace through the porous concrete walls. And of course where there are moisture issues, mold growth and termite activity is not far behind. Older homes almost always have drainage … (0 comments)

home inspection: The Dangers of Knob and Tube Wiring - 11/13/11 07:00 AM

Knob-and-tube wiring was an early standardized method of electrical wiring in buildings, in common use in North America from about 1880 to the 1940s. Today the system is considered obsolete and a significant safety hazard. Surprisingly, many homes throughout the country still utilize live knob and tube wiring to this day.

Facts About Knob and Tube Wiring:
·It has no ground wire and thus cannot service any three-pronged appliances.
·While it is considered obsolete and a safety hazard, there is still no code that requires its complete removal.
·It is treated differently in different jurisdictions. In some areas, it must be removed at all accessible locations, … (0 comments)

home inspection: Buying Foreclosures Deal or no Deal? - 10/16/11 11:30 PM

Buyers and would-be investors often look to foreclosure sales to find real estate bargains. But newcomers to this market could find some unpleasant surprises if they go in blind. To get the best deal when buying foreclosures, all homes should be thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector before sealing the deal.
Why inspect if you can’t negotiate?
Foreclosure homes are usually sold “as-is”. This means that buyers cannot negotiate for the cost of needed repairs, as they may do in a traditional home purchase. Buyers must absorb the repair costs themselves and consider this in their purchase offer at auction. So … (0 comments)

home inspection: Three reasons you should have a property inspection before listing a home - 10/04/11 12:47 AM
Many real estate agents and home sellers focus on staging, cleaning, and painting a property so it will ‘shine’ for potential buyers. They spend a good deal of time looking at comps and pricing it attractively; all that’s essential, of course. But they often don’t bother to do something else that’s really important: get a pre-listing home inspection.
Property inspections, once upon a time, were just part of a checklist. Buyers, eager to get into the market, would sometimes turn a blind eye to the issues that came up during an inspection. Or if a buyer balked at issues uncovered by … (0 comments)

home inspection: The value of a home inspection for current homeowners - 09/11/11 10:59 PM

home inspection: Who Knows Home Inspections Better- Your Realtor or a Home Inspector? - 06/03/11 03:16 AM
Seems like a no brainer right?
Do a search online and I guarantee you will be very surprised at how many articles you will find out there written by Realtors giving advice on home inspections. I love going out and reading some of this advice. Many Realtors seem to think that just because they sell homes, that they know everything there is to know about homes. “buzzer”
I will give you the straight truth concerning this issue. In most cases, your Realtor doesn’t know squat past the new countertops and cabinets in the kitchen. Many couldn’t tell you the difference between … (0 comments)