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My name is Michael Delaware. I am an author and a Realtor. This blog covers my crazy points of view, observations and the Southwest Michigan, Battle Creek Area Real Estate Market



Today I arrived at the Michigan Association of REALTORS annual convention being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  While waiting for my hotel room, I took a walk along the waterfront and took these photos of an art display.  It is essentialy some very creative dumpster art, and I thought it was qui...
In our country today, there is almost a universal climate of uncertainty.  You hear about it everywhere.  You feel it in your purchases.  The gas you buy today costs two times as much as it cost five years ago, and our elected leaders solutions of spending continue to the deperation and uncertain...
I do a lot of photography as part of my work as a Realtor in Southwest Michigan.  For that reason alone, I am always carrying my camera around with me and have it to hand for any given time I need it.  In fact, on the occasion that I forget to take it with me, I feel at a loss.  Thankfully, there...
I have been going hiking (and sometimes mountain biking) a lot on weekends in the Fort Custer Recreation area between Battle Creek and Augusta, Michigan.  It is a nice way to get out and get some exercise and see a little of what Mother Nature has to offer.  Here are some samples of some of the p...
In the process of buying a home, there is always the possibility that sometimes further negotiations become necessary.  Once you have a contract for purchase agreed to, what usually follows in the inspection period.  What if a major issue is uncovered in the inspection process?  Let's say the hom...
One of the most amazing flowers that exists is the sunflower.  It is actually my favorite of all flowers.  Many people have the misunderstanding that they are called 'sunflowers' because they resemble the sun.  This is not the case.  They are called sunflowers because they follow the sun througho...
On the Labor Day weekend my wife and took a day to drive up the western shores of the state.  We stopped in several towns along the way, and one of the smaller communities just south of Muskegon called Norton Shores was holding a festival.  We decided to go there and see what was happening.  For ...
What are some of the things that impact your insurance premiums on your home when it comes to an insurance inspection?  There are a lot of factors that are taken into account with an insurance inspection, and therefore it is a good idea to know something about them particularly when buying a new ...
What does a buyer need to know before they go looking at houses?  Being an active Realtor who works with prospective buyers daily, it is a common misunderstanding to mix up the process of buying a house with some other purchase on the marketplace.  This happens a lot simply because that is the ex...
What does it take to go about buying or selling on land contract in Battle Creek, Michigan or anywhere in the State?  First of all, for those not familiar with a land contract, it is essentially a seller held note on the property where a buyer pays monthly payments like a mortgage, which includes...

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