colorado mountain property: ATV Rentals in Red Feather Lakes, CO - 06/15/17 08:07 PM
There’s a new business in Red Feather Lakes!
End of the Trail ATV Rentals 
Give my friends a call and find out how you can
        “Enjoy the Freedom of Unguided Trail Adventures in the Roosevelt National Forest Area”.
These super nice folks know the trails and love to ride.
Their office is open Thursday through Sunday – you can call them seven days a week at (970) 573-1204
or send them an email at
They’re located right behind our office, in the same building as Northside Towing. and offer ATV/UTV, Dirt Bike Rentals, Full day rentals, Half Day Rentals and Helmets
Check out their photos and more information … (12 comments)

colorado mountain property: Do Minerals Transfer with the property? - 01/03/16 04:18 AM
Do minerals transfer with the property?
I was representing the seller, when the buyer recently asked if the minerals transferred with the property; the question seemed more out of curiosity than anything else.
We looked at the copy of the title commitment and saw an Exception there for a mineral reservation by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1907.
Without the actual document before us, we really couldn’t tell whether all minerals were reserved by the Union Pacific, or if it was a coal reservation, or if they reserved the right to prospect for those minerals etc…so, I suggested that he read the document that was … (18 comments)

colorado mountain property: Glacier View Meadows, Livermore CO 3rd quarter 2014 - 10/29/14 02:59 AM

Glacier View Meadows is a mountain community located about 45 minutes Northwest of Fort Collins Colorado.  Residents use adjectives to describe living here like, peaceful, quiet and beautiful. More than one describes it as heaven.
Glacier View Meadows is situated at an elevation of about 7400 feet, includes 3 small private fishing ponds, hiking trails, National Forest access, year round road maintenance, and a variety of wildlife.
Neighbors have reported seeing bears and mountain lions, coyote, fox, rattlesnake, song birds, birds of prey,elk,moose and of course, the ever present herds of deer.
Average lot size varies from less than one … (6 comments)

colorado mountain property: Silly Real Estate Agent, don't you know where the property is located? - 05/13/13 06:28 AM
I’ve been having a little problem lately, and not sure if any of you have experienced this, but I put the correct address in MLS….and then it shows up on Trulia on a different street!
You see, Larimer County changed some of our street names 3 or 4 years ago- I guess they forgot to let Zillow and Trulia and Google know! 
I have a vacant lot listing on Manso Way, in Crystal Lakes but Trulia is advertising it as being on Commanche Way – it’s not- which makes me look like an idiot.
Also, a very nice log cabin … (16 comments)

colorado mountain property: Speechless Sunday-From the Kitchen Window in Red Feather Lakes CO - 07/14/12 12:40 AM

Beside the window is a door....

“A Day in the Mountains will always soothe your city soul”
Mary Douglas, your Mountain Broker-Associate and REALTOR®
United Country Ponderosa Realty, Red Feather Lakes, CO
I specialize in the Red Feather Lakes area, Fox Acres, Crystal Lakes and Glacier View Meadows Subdivisions, if you are interested in buying or selling your mountain home, please give me a call, I’m here to help you.
The information contained in Mary’s blog is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and the opinions and views expressed in these articles are solely those of … (28 comments)

colorado mountain property: Looking for Mountain Property can be like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle - 06/02/12 12:32 AM
Looking for property near Red Feather Lakes Colorado, for some buyers is like a gigantic 20,000 acre jigsaw puzzle….
Sometimes buyers don’t know exactly what they are looking for…or they start out in one direction and then switch gears and go completely the opposite way; like looking at cabins and then switching to vacant land.
When we begin adding up the costs of building on that vacant land…sometimes they switch back to cabins- and that’s OK.  It’s all a part of the process and my job to help them as much as I can.
The other day, I took buyers through … (5 comments)

colorado mountain property: Red Feather Lakes Campgrounds Full Again? - 06/18/11 03:15 AM
It was Friday morning at 8:37 and the West Lake Campground was already full, I'm not sure about the others but I know it's not any fun drving around looking for a place to camp.
It's disappointing to get all packed up and ready to enjoy a weekend of relaxation...
Only to see something like this:

You can get your VERY OWN camping spot in Red Feather Lakes !
Several parcels of land  between 1 acres - 3.5 acres are available in Crystal Lakes- now that's a nice size campsite!  Some already have driveways, turn-a rounds , electricity, … (21 comments)

colorado mountain property: I'm a Red Feather Lakes Real Estate Agent not a Country Singer - 04/05/11 10:20 AM
I'm a Red Feather Lakes/Livermore Colorado Real Estate Agent.
That's why you didn't see me at the Academy of Country Music Awards....
I was working on a CMA, which in my world stands for Comparative Market Analysis or some call it a Competitive Market Analysis or Comparable Market Analysis - whatever you choose to call it -  it isn't a Country Music  Award!
Correctly pricing a home or vacant land in our buyer's market is critical. The CMA will tell a seller or buyer what similar homes in the area have sold for in the last 6 months, which homes are … (36 comments)

colorado mountain property: A Single Dose of Red Feather Lakes Real Estate could relieve symptoms of ODD - 03/11/11 01:11 AM
According to the Daily Health News, "spending a lot of time indoors hurts our health, physically and mentally. You may be surprised to hear that it even hurts our vision --
too much focusing on things close up and not enough focusing on distant objects has been linked to myopia.

Some slap fancy names on the problem such as "outdoor deprivation disorder" or "diseases of indoor living", but the common theme is essentially the same" --- We need to spend more time outdoors.
Outdoor recreation is big in Colorado and particularly in the Red Feather Lakes area.
A single dose … (19 comments)

colorado mountain property: Livermore and Red Feather Lakes Colorado: January 2011Real Estate Market Review - 02/16/11 02:37 AM
One of my associates remarked that today it was 70 degrees warmer than it was last Tuesday!
Seriously, isn't it amazing that temperatures could fluctuate that much in just one week! 
We are loving this mid-February weather!
Following is a snapshot of the Real Estate "Climate" for January 2011,
in Red Feather Lakes & Livermore, Colorado:

SOLD - 5 (All Residences No Vacant Land)
1 - Red Feather Lakes Village  696 sq.ft cabin, $130,000.
2- Crystal Lakes Subdivision 888 sq.ft cabin $130,500 and 1644 sq ft home $250,000.
1- Glacier View Meadows 2398 sq ft. home $170,000 ( foreclosure)
1 - Unsubdivided 3087 … (8 comments)

colorado mountain property: Keep an Open Mind when searching for Colorado Mountain Property - 01/15/11 03:17 AM
When our little girl was about 4 she told her preschool teachers that she was allergic to broccoli. Of course she wasn't REALLY allergic; she just didn't want to try it.  Later, when she tried it, she discovered that she liked it!
Human beings, little ones and grown up ones, believe we already know what we want or like,
but I find it interesting that when we approach something with an open-mind, very often we change our little I'm- allergic-to broccoli-minds and embrace the broccoli!
I was talking to man from out-of state recently that came to Red Feather to start … (29 comments)

colorado mountain property: Search for Colorado Mountain Property Here! - 10/02/10 04:24 AM
Search "LIVERMORE" zip code 80536
Homes & Land - Easier 35 mile commute to Fort Collins- elevation approximately 7400 feet
Search "RED FEATHER LAKES" zip code 80545
Homes & Land- About 50 miles NW of Fort Collins - elevation approximately 8400 feet
Comments have been disabled for this search page.
I specialize in the Red Feather Lakes area, Crystal Lakes and Glacier View Meadows Subdivisions, if you are interested in buying or selling your mountain home, please give me a call, I'd like to help you.
The information contained in Mary's blog is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and the opinions … (1 comments)

colorado mountain property: 2010 Labor Day Weekend - Red Feather Lakes/Livermore Colorado - 09/03/10 09:19 AM
Oh no!  if you were planning to make a reservation to go camping in the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Roosevelt National Forest for this Labor Day Weekend
-  All of the reserved spaces are already full.
In the forest, I'm sure there are still places to camp even without a reservation; I wish you luck on this busy Holiday Weekend and lots of fun too!
I've been trying to tell you to buy your own camping spot all year, maybe this weekend you will decide that that's a good idea for you!?
Ponderosa Realty is open 7 … (18 comments)

colorado mountain property: Colorado Mountain Land - 626 Delaware Ct. Red Feather Lakes, CO - 08/24/10 11:24 AM
JUST LISTED!  Another great opportunity to own your own special place in Colorado.
Mary Douglas, your Mountain Broker-Associate and REALTOR®
United Country Ponderosa Realty, Red Feather Lakes, CO
"A Day in the Mountain will always soothe your city soul"
I specialize in the Red Feather Lakes area, Crystal Lakes and Glacier View Meadows Subdivisions, if you are interested in buying or selling your mountain home, please give me a call, I'd like to help you.
The information contained in Mary's blog is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and the opinions and views expressed … (23 comments)

colorado mountain property: Virginia Dale, Colorado and the Abbey of St. Walburga - 08/20/10 06:03 AM
Virginia Dale, Colorado and the Abbey of St. Walburga
Virginia Dale was a stage station on the Overland Trail in between Livermore, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming providing respite for weary travelers.  
Driving on Highway 287; to the east, one can see the red granite rock formations of Red Mountain/ Granite Canyon, and to the west,  grazing land and prairie as far as the eye can see  until the land bumps up against the Rocky Mountains.
Yesterday, I showed property in Virginia Dale. 
My clients drove and followed me to the house.  After the showing, I took a side trip to visit the Abby of … (27 comments)

colorado mountain property: Livermore, CO, lot for sale in Glacier View Meadows Subdivision - 04/20/10 09:59 AM
UPDATE:  This lot has been sold, but I have others you might like just as well.
This secluded lot for sale in Glacier View Meadows is filled with trees and wonderful rock outcroppings.

Presently set up for camping, with 3 separate parking areas.  The main area has a RV deck already built, ready for your enjoyment. 
Sit out on the deck and relax in the sun or enjoy the starlit skies at night.

You could build your Mountain Dream Home here, too! 
Sheltered from the wind and surrounded by pine, fir and aspen trees, this lot is … (40 comments)

colorado mountain property: Red Feather Lakes, CO, lot for sale in Crystal Lakes Subdivision - 04/20/10 08:44 AM
Situated above Panhandle Reservoir with gorgeous views of the snow capped mountains, this lot in Crystal Lakes Subdivision near Red Feather Lakes, CO is a great place for weekend camping or a terrific building site for your mountain dream home.
With some tree cutting you could have a wonderful view of the reservoir below. 
This is a photograph looking toward the Reservoir which was still frozen last week.

Crystal Lakes allows camping on your lot for 5 months out of the year, there is a rough driveway and level camping spot already in place and electricity … (8 comments)

colorado mountain property: April Fool's Day Cracked me up - 04/01/10 02:53 PM
April Fool's Day cracked me up!
In reality, our lake was cracking up, and made some very interesting designs as the ice is slowly melting away.

It snowed today! Red Feather Lakes got about 4-5 inches in a short amount of time. Mother Nature likes April Fools Day too!
As it was snowing one of my associates who is sicker-than-a-dog called in for her messages.  I told our receptionist that I really needed to speak to her.  I asked her if she would take me up to a listing she had and show me around the property.
"Today?" she croaked.

colorado mountain property: Red Feather Lakes, Colorado Real Estate Market February 2010 - 03/09/10 01:59 PM

This report is based on data from the MLS and does not reflect for sale by owner properties or those properties listed by non-member brokers.  Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Miles of National Forest, cattle ranches, Wilderness, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Camps, the Village, shopping, outdoor recreation -  Subdivisions within the Village with small lots to large 35- 40 acre tracts of land, there is little bit of everything in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado!  Please contact me, I can assist you with buying or selling real estate in the Red Feather Lakes/Livermore areas.
Email … (12 comments)

colorado mountain property: "HELLO, GOODBYE" to the Beetles? - 02/20/10 02:19 PM
A big topic of discussion for Colorado Mountain property owners and prospective buyers are the Beetles! 
Not The Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo, but the Mountain Pine Beetle.
I read a terrific article today from The Denver Post about a new idea to help manage the mountain pine beetle problem.
This has got to be the most interesting article I have ever read about ridding us of this tiny little insect that has managed to devour 3.6 million acres of forest land in Colorado and Wyoming alone.
Researchers and a composer recorded the sounds the beetles make.
By manipulating … (72 comments)

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