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RENOVATION IDEAS   Conventional wisdom, as it relates to houses, is often too much convention and not enough wisdom. Every year, somebody publishes a list of which conventional home improvements will give you the best (or the worst) return on your remodeling investment. Remodel a bathroom. Replac...
Disclosing Crime -- Form 17 "Crime" does not have its own category. It also does not come under "Are there any other material defects affecting the property that a buyer should know about?" It was not always that way. Stigma -- in some rare cases positive -- used to play a bigger role in disclosi...
5 Foreclosure Myths for 2012 Beginning in 2007, foreclosures rocked the real estate world. Like an out-of-control freight train, they began decimating the market, peaking in 2009. Myths and rumors began propagating like mushrooms as consumers struggled to understand the new reality. Although many...
SHORT SALE TIMELINES AGREED TO UNDER AG FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT I wanted to call your attention to the strict short sale timelines that mortgage servicers will be held to under the terms of the state Attorneys General foreclosure settlement that was filed in federal court this week (March 12), and...
  Signs of Housing Recovery!! The housing recovery is clearly here.. the recovery will be slow and (mostly) steady. Home by home, street by street…neighborhood by neighborhood. Expect the clearly and full recovery process to take 3-5 years. More very encouraging news from the trusted folks at Rea...
=One Stop Mortgage Shopping Tips= From the beginning, the basic promise of multi-lender, Internet-based sites was that they would provide one-stop shopping.  I found that many sites are less than forthcoming, and even misleading, just like the humans they are supposed to replace. This doesn't mea...
        Short Sale Agent Update Mar. 13, 2012                         Policy Reminder for the Sale of Bank of America Short Sale, Real Estate Owned (REO) or Foreclosed Properties to Bank of America Associates   Consistent with other large national mortgage servicers, Bank of America prohibits th...
3 Reasons to List Home with a Local Agent   When it comes to selling, though, it's quite a bit tougher, especially on today's tough-to-sell market where pricing and marketing nuances (along with vendor, lender and inspector relationships, and contacts with buyer's brokers and buyers themselves) a...
PROPOSITION 60 THE INFORMATION YOU WANT TO KNOW On Nov. 4, 1986, the voters of California passed Proposition 60 to provide to qualified homeowners the transfer of the base-year value of their principal residence to a replacement dwelling located in the same county, under certain circumstances. If...
"Is it Harder to Shop Effectively for a Mortgage than for a Car?" Shopping for a car is child's play compared to shopping for a mortgage. Price features of mortgages must be verified: Price always depends on the features of the product or service being priced. These are easy to define on a car, c...

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