for sale by owner: What is Your Goal For the Day?|on going - 02/11/08 11:37 PM
 I don't know if other real estate professionals are as easily side tracked as I am. I do get off  from time to time.
    Today, I will preview  2 to 5 vacant listings in Long Beach. My long term goal is to visit each vacant listing , then venture to Pass Christian. Once I have a handle on Vacant listings here, I will move to Gulfport vacant listings.
I will take a listing flier with me and stop and drop, or call a minimum of 2 fsbos and 2 expired listings.
That should leave plenty of room for Providence to do the surprise things … (6 comments)

for sale by owner: Inspirational Walk *Photos*|Gulf View Lots - 12/10/07 11:32 PM
Thanks for stopping by Long Beach, MS, Harrison County and joining me for a walk about.  It has been awhile                                    awhile since I have shared a walk with you. I have been focusing on the nuts and bolts of business in front of me rather than blogging. So here goes. My home is a little less than 1/2 mile from USM. Recently I heard about their fitness trail, so I thought I would give it a visit.
I am grateful that USM did not move for good after the storm. Of couse the buildings facing the Beach were destroyed, or partly destroyed. Presently some … (7 comments)

for sale by owner: Subtle Reasons to Use the Services of a Buyer Agent - 12/07/07 01:07 PM
From time to time, the Pastor of my church home mentions that the "message" often takes a week or longer to develop... It ocurred to me that is often how it is with me functioning as a buyer's agent (likely many other buyer's agents as well).
First, we target location, size, bedrooms, baths and other more unique criteria important to the prospective buyer. In the Gulf Coast most agents have been burned by sending MLS listings without first contacting the listing office--so we call the listing office to validate availability and showing instructions.
Second, I get permission to preview properties--which takes about 1/2 day … (5 comments)

for sale by owner: Is it possible that FSBOs Harbor Prejudice? - 03/05/07 03:23 AM
Could Fair Housing exemptions  encourage home owners who may be prejudiced to NOT use a Real Estate Agent?
Could some prosepctive home buyer's avoid FSBOs because a FSBO doesn't have to follow all the rules that an owner contracting with a real estate agent/broker has to follow? 
FSBOs have a license to discriminate , however the owners should read all the rules specifically. If your home mortgage is backed by a federal guarantee.. 
The Fair Housing Act, as amended, applies to almost every kind of housing which does not fall within a statutory exemption. There are two principal exemptions:
1. owner-occupied housing for four … (2 comments)

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