mortgage: Thoughts for a Tuesday Afternoon - 01/17/17 01:54 PM

Good Afternoon,
We are now 17 days into the New Year...Here is a beginning of the year market update: Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval and closing your purchase loan in less than 2 weeks in this current market... 
Call me for more details NOW @ (650) 409-5918! See the video on my Business Facebook Page:
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Michael Haigh | Branch Manager NMLS#200819

mortgage: Happy New Year 2017! - 01/05/17 04:58 PM
Good Afternoon!
Wishing a very happy and productive 2017 New Year!
Looking forward to another fantastic year of assisting my clients obtain their dreams of home ownership!
Please don't hesitate to call me at (650) 409-5918!
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mortgage: It's Official: FED raises interest rates! - 12/14/16 04:16 PM
It's Official: FED raises interest rates!
"In a statement released Wednesday by the Federal Reserve, the FOMC voted unanimously to raise the target range for the federal funds rate from 0.5% to 0.75%, effective Dec. 15, 2016."
They moved up as expected, and now we are looking at possibly two more hikes this next year. So time to talk to your lender and understand what this means for your specific financial situation!
Michael Haigh
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mortgage: When can a borrower get a loan again? - 07/27/16 05:59 AM
Good Morning, 
Do you have any questions about derogatory milestones?
Please see below for an accurate depiction of the waiting periods for foreclosures, bankruptcies, short sales, etc. Please feel free to give me a call whenever!

mortgage: The Fast Take from Supreme Lending: Brexit - 06/27/16 04:26 AM
On the United Kingdom’s vote to exit the European Union (a.k.a “Brexit”)
The Brexit vote is over, and 52 percent of UK citizens voted to exit the EU, leaving a lot of political and economic uncertainty in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has resigned and Boris Johnson is the leading candidate to replace Cameron.
We’ve addressed the potential upsides and downsides with Supreme’s Senior Vice President of Capital Markets, Steven Chiou.
Q: How will Brexit negatively impact economics globally?
A: Forty-four percent of UK exports go to EU countries. Those exports may now be subject … (0 comments)

mortgage: Now licensed in 3 states! - 05/05/16 05:52 AM
Good Afternoon, 
Our branch is now licensed in Arizona, Oregon, and California! Please do not hesitate to call for any help buying or refinancing properties in those states...See below for further details and contact information.
All the best, 
Michael Haigh

mortgage: Ellie Mae has released a survey that is sure to blow your mind - 05/03/16 04:18 AM
Good Morning, 
Saw this video, by the National Real Estate Post this morning...Very interesting perspective.
Let me know your thoughts!
See the link below:
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mortgage: Just another week as a Mortgage Loan Officer! - 03/18/16 03:53 AM
Good Morning and Happy Friday,
        As one of the top loan officers and managers at W.J Bradley, it was unfortunate the way that everything came down. With that being said, our team was pretty much aware and made provisions to move prior to the mess of this past weekend. Sunday the compapny got surprised with an e-mail pending a complete shut down. By Monday we were all signed up with another company, clients are okay and the new company is far superior to WJB. Enough said...going forward you will be happy to know, we have the capacity and capability to close loans in … (0 comments)

mortgage: Mortgage Lenders: Villain or Hero? - 03/09/16 03:42 AM

Interesting video from 
Let me know your thoughts!
Michael J. Haigh
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mortgage: 10 Year Mortgage Rates hit records lows! - 02/24/16 01:22 AM
ONCE IN A GENERATION!! The 10 Year Treasury Yield - is at a historic low. AND • History has shown that when interest rates touch these low points, that they don’t remain at these levels for very long. Talk to your Realtor, talk to your lender and take advantage. And currently most people do not know how much equity they have recaptured since 2008 (or even 2011) range....payoff some consumer debts, pay off your kids student me for a full consultation on how to use your current cash flow to retire early - debt free.Oh - client this morning, refi'd … (0 comments)

mortgage: Carole Fogelstrom and Michael Haigh Presents: - 02/18/16 04:47 AM

mortgage: Mortgage rates could cross a record low - 02/12/16 01:22 AM

"General Market Direction*: IMPROVED."............the greatest thing a lender can see after the market opens. Rates are killing it. My Realtor Partners - are you mentioning this to your current clients and equally important - almost every home you closed on could benefit with a mortgage check up. And it is good reason to be back in touch with your clients and uncover sales opportunities for you. And that is a good thing!

mortgage: Face to Face Sales Crushes Facebook Marketing - 01/25/16 04:54 AM

I love these guys...always post such relevent information.
Would love to hear all of your thoughts!

mortgage: Great video from the National Real Estate Post - 01/15/16 02:04 AM

The United States Zestimate is Here! … (0 comments)

mortgage: Mortgage Rates Modestly Lower - 12/23/15 03:13 AM

Mortgage rates continued a trend of small, steady improvements into the new week today.  This marks the 4th straight day of a winning streak that began last Wednesday when the Fed announced its much-anticipated rate hike.  If the notion of a Fed rate hike followed by falling mortgage rates doesn't make sense, don't worry.  The Fed rate hike has drawn out lots of analysis on the implications for other interest rates, and much of it is missing two critical points.
First, mortgage rates are not directly connected to the Fed Funds Rate.  In fact, we've even seen them move in the opposite direction for months in the … (0 comments)

mortgage: 4 Holiday Dangers for Your Mortgage Application - 12/18/15 03:47 AM

Just because the real estate market tends to slow down during the chillier months doesn’t mean it grinds to a stop. There are plenty of reasons to buy during the holidays, good deals being one. Sellers with homes still on the market come winter are more likely to compromise on price, and with fewer people looking for homes, buyers have more leverage.
But the holidays can present all sorts of problems when it comes to getting a mortgage. Here are 4 you should watch out for.
Your new job
Your New Year’s resolution may be to finally quit the job you hate and move … (0 comments)

mortgage: Happy Holiday's From W.J. Bradley - 12/11/15 01:18 AM


mortgage: 6 Things to Consider Before Paying Off a Mortgage Early - 12/04/15 01:39 AM

Living debt-free sounds great, and depending on where you are in life it may actually be attainable. But even if you can pay off your mortgage early, should you?
Although it may be tempting, first consider the opportunity cost of paying off your mortgage early at the expense of other goals or investment options, as well as the impact to your tax situation.
Opportunity cost. By paying off your mortgage early, you'll save on the additional interest expense that would have been incurred in your regular payments. This savings can be significant, and will increase with the prepayment amount. However, by directing excess cash towards paying down … (1 comments)

mortgage: Is it best to use $100,000 to pay off mortgage on home or invest ? - 12/02/15 01:39 AM

Would it be better to take $100,000 and pay off my mortgage on my primary residence or take the same $100,000 and buy a rental property with only cash?
It’s a good question, but there are way too many variables to give you one particular answer. If you’re young, you may opt to keep the mortgage on your home and use that leverage to start buying rental properties with an aim toward developing an investment income rental portfolio.
If you’re retired and need income, it may be better to pay off the mortgage and live off whatever sources of income you have without … (3 comments)