online property management: Protecting Your Property Management Company Brand Name - 04/03/13 02:25 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
Whether you like it or not, online marketing is here to stay. Don't think that tomorrow you'll wake up and not have to deal with it or worry about it, like a fad. No such luck. Burying your head in the sand and hoping that it'll go away is not likely to help either.
So what is a person to do who doesn't want to do anything, but deep down they know there are some minimum things they should be doing for the “greater good” of their company and future generations of that company?

online property management: From Dogs to Drunks - 12/05/12 11:31 PM
By Colin McCarthy, J.D., Robinson & Wood, San Jose, CA
Well my last post was so good I did not have the courage to write another. About six months ago we were discussing various scenarios by which a landlord could be held liable in California for injuries or property damage occasioned by her tenants. We discussed how, if she knows about a tenant's animals' dangerous propensities, she might have a duty to prevent injuries of property damage to others arising from such dangerous propensities. Citation to the holy hand grenade scene must have subconsciously made me think I had reached my … (4 comments)

online property management: A Burglar Reveals the Four Tips for Home Protection - 11/13/12 11:46 PM
A guest post by Kevin Raposo, SimpliSafe, Cambridge, MA
Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a burglar? We got the chance to sit down with some burglary professionals and asked them. Here’s what we discovered:
A Tonka Truck left in the yard could invite a burglar to choose your home.
Home burglaries may seem random in occurrence, but they actually involve a selection process. A burglar's selection process is simple: choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes possible. Don’t have a burglar alarm? Here’s a list of … (2 comments)

online property management: Condo and HOA Fire Inspections - 10/17/12 01:08 AM
By Ken Kmet, Condo Voice, Clearwater, FL
Say the phrase “fire inspection” and every property manager, board member, and maintenance engineer will make a face. It is that annual visit to your property by the local fire marshal. It is usually unannounced, may not necessarily happen every year, and often comes with a price tag to repair, fix, label, identify, upgrade, add, test, certify, or change out something. Even though you have complied with the previous inspection report, and did what was asked then, that doesn’t mean something new will not be written up this year. You may feel like you … (0 comments)

online property management: "Weather" You Like It or Not – Winter is Coming! - 08/21/12 12:27 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
I think we can all agree that whether you're a seasoned property manager or building owner, or if you're a rookie to managing property, that there are not enough reminders about Mother Nature changing course, come winter each year!
Weather can be a property manager’s best friend or worst enemy. The key is to be sure you are prepared! Even if you have the best staff and the finest building engineer, double checking the basics while the weather is mild is much more pleasant than learning that something was overlooked after it breaks or … (3 comments)

online property management: HOA Hurricane Checklist - 08/06/12 03:39 AM
By Ken Kmet, Condo Voice, Clearwater, FL
Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, so we’ve put together a checklist for condominium associations and homeowner associations for hurricane season readiness. The first thing an association has to do is adopt a policy on how the association will function during the three phases of a severe weather event: before, during, and after a hurricane/severe weather event. They must also adopt a hurricane shutter specification, then make a checklist of actions and duties assigned to the association and to each homeowner in all three phases of the severe weather event. If … (3 comments)

online property management: Do You Have Plumbing Leaks In Your Association? - 07/30/12 11:37 PM
By Ken Kmet, Condo Voice, Clearwater, FL
As buildings age, more attention has to be paid to repairs and replacements. Plumbing problems are more expensive than other repairs because they are hidden. Locating the source of a leak may not be easy, even though wet areas or standing water may be evident. Finding the actual problem source may require the assistance of a professional leak-finding service, as well as invasive tactics, including drywall or concrete removal. Plumbing leaks of every kind usually come with collateral damage, not only to the property owner of the home where the leak originates, but also … (2 comments)

online property management: Pest Management for Property Managers - 07/27/12 01:39 AM
By Rose McMillan, Terminix, Atlanta, GA
If you are a property manager, you may think that the idea of calling an exterminator is a nightmare. While dealing with pests of any sort is no picnic, it is far better than simply letting the infestation get worse and worse, which is exactly what is going to happen if you do nothing. If you are performing a property management role for a multifamily property, you need to have an integrated pest management strategy available at your fingertips should you detect a problem.
For Property Managers
Keep an open door policy for … (1 comments)

online property management: World’s Worst Tenants - 07/24/12 12:48 AM
By Salvatore Friscia, San Diego Premier Property Management, San Diego, CA
I have to admit that recently I started watching a new cable show called “World’s Worst Tenants” on Spike TV. The premise for the show if you haven’t seen it depicts three individuals who are hired by various property management companies to handle unusually odd tenant related issues. The issues range from your basic nonpayment of rent to more bizarre and serious issues that can leave any self-respecting property manager shaking their head in disbelief. The show makes for great TV and entertainment, but on a serious note it can … (2 comments)

online property management: Your HOA’s Parks & Rec Department - 07/19/12 11:58 PM
By Ken Kmet, Condo Voice, Clearwater, FL
Trending now within city and state governments is the notion that operational costs and budgets for 2013 will call for either higher taxes or fewer services. The sluggish economy, along with property values remaining still or down, is not helping avoid tax increases. Tax increases are not popular or politically welcomed, which means local governments nix services as the first option (even though raising taxes may be inevitable). So now you’re probably asking, “What does this have to do with community associations?”
If governments have to cut services, the first to go are usually … (1 comments)

online property management: Fundamentals of Direct Marketing Are the Same, The Tools Have Changed - 07/16/12 12:45 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
The other day a property manager asked me how one can make money for their company and building, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN or any other online network. It was a great question. I believe so many property managers, leasing agents and real estate professionals are confused about how these tools can be used.
Networking sites are just that: tools. For example, just because you use Twitter, you will not make money. Twitter is a vehicle to carry a message with the potential for your message to be read by many more people without paper, … (3 comments)

online property management: Understanding a Property Manager’s Green Friends - 07/09/12 04:54 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
As a property manager, you hire landscapers or onsite staff to care for your grounds because proper greenery can really increase the property’s value. But how much do you know about plants and how much time do you spend learning how to incorporate plants into your property? Here is a list of things every property manager needs to know about plants, along with some inspiring thoughts to save money and create community spirit!
The Basics:
Annuals – Plants that grow for one single season.
Perennials – Plants that will return year after year.

online property management: Are You Measuring Your Purchase Decisions? - 06/25/12 12:13 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
You want to make a purchase, but what is driving that decision? Is it cost benefit analyses, the idea of getting more bang for the buck, impulse, or is it a high return on investment? And what does this all mean to us as property managers?
When you are a property manager, one of the biggest roles you play on behalf of your client or property is purchasing! You purchase utilities, light bulbs, labor, services, marketing media, copy paper (hopefully less each day!), equipment, tools, professional services, and capital improvements or repairs.
Each time … (2 comments)

online property management: Top 10 Twitter Basics for Property Management - 06/21/12 11:48 PM
Twitter is a fascinating tool. You can love it or hate it, but if you love it, there are a multitude of styles and personalities you can apply to this powerful online tool. While there are many different ways to use Twitter, I think up close and personal is the best style of all!
Rule #1 Get your name.
First of all, I strive to match my project name and my Twitter site in all ways possible. Examples include my own for theBrokerList and its companion Twitter site is @theBrokerList. Same name. In all cases, it helps tremendously to get your … (3 comments)

online property management: Constructing a Website for Today’s Property Manager - 06/17/12 11:59 PM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
What is a website? Okay, so you’re thinking, “I know what a website is, so please don’t bore me with something I already know.” Great! But, for most folks, there needs to be a breakdown of parts so it’s clear. As property managers and building owners, we are accustomed to wanting to understand all of the details, as details are vital to our learning.
For instance, if we have a boiler failure or a roof issue, we ask the contractor to draw us a picture or explain exactly what the problem is. It’s the … (4 comments)

online property management: Economy Makes Life Tough for Renters and Property Managers Alike - 06/07/12 05:17 AM
A guest post by Gabriel Knight, Mortgage Fit, Chicago, IL
It’s no secret that the still-sputtering economy has made it a rough go for property managers. After all, one of their primary responsibilities is making sure that rental properties are rented, and with still so many unemployed and underemployed folks out there, renting has become a real problem – the pool of eligible renters is shrinking.
But while things are tough for the property managers out there, it pales in comparison to the hardships that potential renters are facing. Keep in mind that many prospective tenants were homeowners before the recession … (2 comments)

online property management: Why Should You Get a Property Manager? - 05/22/12 02:05 AM
A guest post by Gabriel Knight, Mortgage Fit, Chicago, IL
While rental property investment might look like a rewarding and positive venture, managing both tenants and properties can be overwhelming. As such, you may need to hire a professional property manager to make your life easier. This is an especially good idea for rental property owners who have no experience or don't want to spend their time managing a rental property on their own. With a property manager, you’ll be able to ask mortgage questions if you run into any trouble with your property. Here are some reasons why you should … (4 comments)

online property management: Property Management with a Smile! - 05/17/12 06:35 AM
By Salvatore Friscia, San Diego Premier Property Management, San Diego, CA
I recently read somewhere that property managers are slowly spiraling down the trust ladder towards the likes of lawyers and used car salesmen. I know this is a strong statement and no disrespect to lawyers and used car salesman, both honorable and needed professions, but once the public brands a group in that fashion it’s hard to shake the stereotype. So, has it really gotten that bad for us property managers?
Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration and I personally don’t believe it’s accurate. But if you … (1 comments)

online property management: Turn Those Qs into FAQs - 05/14/12 06:41 AM
By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL
Ever call or visit a business, ask a basic question, and receive an answer of “I do not know?” To make matters worse, there is not even an offer of “I will find out”, or “Let me ask a supervisor.” It is rather scary and it is also profound. In business we work so hard to build our companies, market our properties, or create features and services, all to find out nobody in our own company has a clue!
While visiting a business recently, I asked a simple question pertaining to a geographic location. … (4 comments)

online property management: Rebrand or Improve Your Property Management Business? - 05/10/12 06:20 AM
By Jo-Anne Oliveri, ireviloution intelligence, Brisbane, Australia
Does this make sense to you?
Last week I was in discussions with a respected sales agency. This agency had a huge sales business with 12 or so sales consultants during the peak of the region’s boom. They now only have the directors, three of them, working as sales consultants.
Due to the huge decline in the property sales market they decided to focus their attention on their property management business. They recognized that this side of the business provided constant cash flow and kept their doors open during the shrinking sales market. It … (2 comments)

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