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I received an e-mail from Lysa Napolitano today looking for some Juicy Gossip!  I've been meme'd! You want it, you got it: My 3 sons (John 24, Ryan 22 and Bobby 21) and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Pompano Beach, Florida.  My parents lived 4 blocks away from me and my ex-husband lived 3 ...
Yesterday I attended the first International Real Estate Council Meeting, it was fun, educational and most of all enlightening!  In my former life I was a real estate broker in South Florida, the melting pot and have been exposed to many cultures.   Did you know that 30% of International Real Est...
Have you ever heard someone talk about someone you have never met?  Good or bad doesn’t really matter.    You finally get to meet them and you have already judged them based on what you were told?   I was judged.... I can remember meeting a male customer once and he told me based on your picture...
Recently I have been in an Internet frenzy, why because The ActiveRain Community is keeping me on my toes!   I joined Activerain in June, I kicked back and observed and finally posted in September without a clue. And now I finally get it!!!  Technology that is... I am self taught but with many te...
I remember in 2000 I had taken my broker's test and failed it.  I called my dad crying, "Daddy, I failed, I don't know if I can pass the exam." My father was silent and listened.  As usual my dad with all of his wisdom said to me, "Focus and make sure you keep your eye on the prize!"  "This is ju...
  Since blogging I have been pretty consistent and probably average at least 2 blogs per week.  I want to write quality blogs and I want them read and comments too.  You could say I expect a lot.  Normally when I write I do get comments and my posts are read but the problem is I have a case of "B...
        Sunday March 11th, 2:00am to be exact........ Daylight Savings Time Begins.... 3 Weeks Early!!!                                                                                              Are you ready?All software and operating system patches must be on computers and PDA devices no late...

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