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People find it odd that I am such a big wrestling fan...I have been this way all of my life. These Professionals impact many people's lives and do good things with their celebrity status....I applaud Vince McMahon and the WWE...for your dedication to Supporting Our U.S. Troops....When sipping you...
After consulting the tarot....meditating....and looking into my crystal are some of my psychic predictions for 2008. Remember Miss Cleo, "Call Me Now!" Realize even in predictions you must have a let me present that immediately....These predictions are for entertainmen...
I joined CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty August of 2005, our Real Estate Sales for our 3 offices were $118 million + estimating 60 Florida Licensed Real Estate Professionals. I don't think we had one that was not a multi-million dollar producer.Just a few days ago the Volusia/Flagler Business Report c...
In most instances I love purchasing merchandise on E-bay. But I do believe in taking care of our own local merchants meaning shopping and spending money in local establishments. After-all, the Daytona Beach merchants can really use the business right? Well that is what I thought and really it's w...
This year make it count...and make it very special. From my home to yours.... Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and memorable holiday season. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by The Activerain Network and it's members and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opi...
When I was a kid, this song was popular in 1968. Tonight while trying to get inspired I decided to listen and watch some music video's. I came across this video, read the words and listen to the song in its entirety it made me think of the real estate industry. Remember the rookie years, you know...
I was tagged by Marc here it goes.... I am going to share some real human facts about me. 1. In high school I had to take math for 4 years.  That's right...I stunk at math.  I had 1 teacher for two years..I hate to admit it I gave it everything I got and earned 2 credits in 4 years...
Tonight I am tucked away in a hidden place...I am supposed to be planning and writing. I am doing that for the next 2 days to help ensure a great 2008. This year I am taking it serious and to the next level...and I hope you are too!I really love what I do for a living and I want to keep at...I kn...
The past 42 days, two of our WOW members have been taking Floyd Wickman Starmakers.... BUT... a coaching program is nothing without a kick butt coach.  Meet Sheldon Spiegel..his looks and personality reminds me of Classic Hollywood.....You can imagine...He has quite a stage presence...smooth word...
I got a recorded message from Omaha Steaks a week ago. The message let me know that someone sent me a gift.  It was going to be arriving soon and to expect it. This morning while I was pouring my coffee at 7:15 am the Daytona Beach Branch, U.S. Postal Service called they had a package for me.  I ...

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