california: New Ride at Disney! - 06/17/12 07:36 AM
New Ride at Disney! As you can imagine, Disney is something of an institution here in Southern California. It's not often that they introduce new ride, so it caused quite a commotion when they announced the opening of the new ride based on the movie "Cars". The ride is in California Adventure which is in the same lot as Disneyland but has the more exciting rides (well, "exciting" depends on who you are - exciting for me might be terrifying for a 5-year-old) like Grizzly Peak and Condor Flats (a ride I HIGHLY recommend if you're just visiting California as it … (0 comments)

california: AR Bloggers Come In All Shapes And Sizes - 10/13/10 08:30 AM
Hi! I'm Chompers, and you might notice I'm a tennis ball. I'm not ANY tennis ball, though. I'm the constant companion of the two coolest dogs in SoCal, Cash and Grady. Oh yeah, and their human Mike who let me use his blog today because he's all worn out from the park. Usually I'm out playing with my friends, but I've got a nice pad under the sink when I'm just chilling out.  Anyway, me and my boys live in a town called Fontana and it is AWESOME! We get to go to cool places all the time like Fontana Park, which … (13 comments)

california: There's a New YEAR ROUND Playground in Glen Helen Regional Park! - 09/07/10 04:18 PM
On August 24, 2010, The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approved a contract to construct a new playground at Glen Helen Regional Park in Devore. The new playground will be located next to the park’s fishing lake. The only playground currently at the park is located in the seasonal swim area, which is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Additionally, San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor Paul Biane  previously secured funding to add restrooms, a picnic area, and to make other enhancements at the park.
The new playground will cost $144,107 and will feature equipment for children of various … (3 comments)

california: 6th Annual First Responders Night Event! - 09/07/10 04:10 PM
6th Annual First Responders Night recognized the contributions of San Bernardino County's  law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics for their contributions to their communities. This year Event, held on August 27th, coincided with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes’ match with the Lancaster JetHawks.
The event also featured displays by local law enforcement, fire and ambulance agencies as well as helicopter manuevers by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. In addition, participating agencies nominated members of their departments to be honored as “First Responders of the Year” by San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor Paul Biane Senator Emmerson and Senator Dutton. The individuals were … (1 comments)

california: Fire Season in California - 08/28/10 02:33 PM
Hi Everyone! It's right in the middle of fire season here in Southern California and I thought it would be a good idea to post some Fire Safety tips that I found on the Los Angeles County Fire Department website. Approximately 1300 homes burn down each day in the United States, so it really pays to be prepared, even if you think it couldn't happen to you!
Address numbers need to be clearly visible from the street No Grass, weeds, or rubbish near structure Keep branches clear from electrical lines Have a Spark arrestor on your chimney to prevent … (1 comments)

california: Gardening In August - 08/26/10 02:10 PM
As summer winds down here in Southern California, it's still much too warm to start major gardening projects this month. However, it IS a good month to sit back and have a barbeque and enjoy your garden. There are still a few important tasks that still need to be done.
For example, watering is especially important during August. Vegetable gardens, most flowering plants, and the lawn all need about one inch of water every week (NOT every day !!) to keep them green and looking nice. Be sure to water thoroughly and deeply each time you water. Water in the morning … (5 comments)

california: Home Prices Up, But Sales Down in San Bernardino County - 08/25/10 04:11 PM
In San Bernardino County, home prices in July rose 10.7% (to $155,000) when compared to the same time last year. Unfortunately, with the uncertain economy and the end of home buyer tax credits led to a fall in what had been a surge of demand in the Inland Empire. Sales of existing single-family homes dropped nearly 30% from the same month in 2009.
Interestingly, the Inland Empire sales figures pretty well match those of the rest of the nation, which saw sales fall 27% in July (which is its worst showing in 15 years). Crushed by concern for their jobs and … (1 comments)

california: New High School Opens in Fontana! - 08/13/10 03:09 PM
The new Jurupa Hills High School officially opened in Fontana this week. Teachers welcomed hundreds of new students to the school with cheers and high-fives at the first day of the new school on Monday. Many students were eager to attend Jurupa Hills, which is the fifth high school in the Fontana Unified School District. Only ninth- and 10th-graders are attending the school in southern Fontana during the first year.
The school has a Greek theme and the mascot is the "Spartans". Thew first day was devoted entirely to staff members giving tours and teaching the students what it means to … (3 comments)

california: Last Chance For Fontana's Summer Events! - 08/09/10 04:09 PM
The summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school, and there is just enough time to squeeze in a few more fun summer activities here in Fontana!
First up, we have Sunset Concerts, which will present their final concert for the year on Thursday, Aug. 12 at the Miller Park Amphitheatre (17004 Arrow Boulevard) from 7 to 9 p.m. While the concert is free to attend, seating is limited, so remember to bring blankets and lawn chairs. The last concert will feature contemporary praise rock.
Next we have the enormously popular Dive-In Movie, which will have their last … (5 comments)

california: IMPORTANT - Whooping Cough Epidemic in California - 07/31/10 01:28 PM
California parents are urged to make sure their young children receive the DTap immunization agaist the recent whooping cough epidemic in the state. Sadly, one infant in San Bernardino County has already died from it, and four more have died since January. Statewide, there have been 910 cases of whooping cough (also called pertussis) reported from January through June 15, which is a huge increase from the same time last year when there were 219 cases reported.The disease starts like a common cold, but after one to two weeks, severe coughing begins. Infants and children with the disease cough violently and … (5 comments)

california: Home Sales in California (June) - 07/29/10 06:50 PM
I'm a little late posting this, as it's almost time for July home sale reports, but I thougt it was interesting and wanted to get it out there. It was estimated that 43,964 new and resale houses and condos were sold throughout the sate of California last month, which is a 7.3% increase from 40,965 in May, and a 0.5% decrease from 44,167 for June 2009. The median price paid for a home last month was $270,000, which was a decrease of 2.9% from $278,000 in May, and an increase of 9.8% from $246,000 for June a year ago.  Of the … (3 comments)

california: Temecula Annexation - 07/27/10 01:55 PM
Temecula officials have experienced frustration after frustration as a boundary-setting panel denied the city's plan to annex nearly 4,500 acres of mostly undeveloped land to its southwest. This changed Thursday, however, when it was finally approved by the board, allowing the city of 105,000 to have jurisdiction over a hill-covered region populated by fewer than 20 people.The land west of Interstate 15, which had been unincorporated up until now, reaches from the city's southwest boundary to the San Diego County line. Nearly all the land consists of the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, an outdoor research area managed by San Diego State … (0 comments)

california: California Seeking to Enforce BYOB - 07/21/10 12:54 PM
... Bring Your Own Bag that is.
The state of California is looking to ban free, single use bags given away by retailers. On Wednesday, July 21st, the California State Assembly approved a bill that would make California the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic and paper bags from being handed out free of charge at supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and liquor stores beginning January 1st, 2012 for supermarkets, chain pharmacies and other large grocery retailers, and beginning July 1st, 2013 at convenience stores, neighborhood markets and liquor stores.
The bill, which is supported by the California Grocers Association, will … (5 comments)

california: A Night of Smooth Jazz in Sierra Lakes - 06/15/10 11:44 AM
Two evenings of 'Smoking Hot' All Star Jazz Performances, with fine dining and dancing. Friday, July 2nd at Sierra Lakes Golf Club and Saturday, July 3rd at the Ontario Doubletree Hotel. Euge, Ray, Brian & Terry - "Weeper's Friends" - are on a mission to support Inland youth with Arts & Advocacy! These events raise funds to launch the Weeper's Friends Creative Expressions facility and the Inland Conservatory for Performing Arts in 2010.
Hosted by Top Guitarist/Music Director Ray "The Weeper" Fuller, whose professional career spans three decades of world tours and over 500 recording projects.
BUY TICKETS NOW by calling 909-697-9565  Reservations Required$40 … (0 comments)

california: Banks Defer Evictions (Which Means Free Rent for Some Fontana Residents) - 06/14/10 03:38 PM
Throughout San Bernardino county people have defaulted on their home loans and yet lenders have backed off on forced evictions, allowing many to remain in their homes essentially rent-free. Government pressure on banks to modify loans and a desire by lenders to keep from depressing housing prices further by dumping more properties into a weak market are driving factors in the trend. Additionally, allowing borrowers to stay in their homes helps protect the bank’s investment as it negotiates with the homeowners, which translates to less chance for vandalism and a greater likelihood that they're maintaining the house.Now of course this situation … (5 comments)

california: California Senate Seeking to Prevent Fontana Foreclosure - 06/08/10 02:10 PM
Legislation recently passed the California Senate 21-12 aimed at preventing avoidable foreclosures and deter irresponsible lender and servicer behavior.The bill, SB 1275, was authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and would prevent servicers from foreclosing on homeowners who have requested modifications until a decision has been made and the homeowner have been notified. The bill also allows for a limited remedy for certain eligible homeowners whose homes were erroneously sold at foreclosure, which unfortunately is a bigger issue than people realize.At the moment, servicers are initiating the foreclosure process even when borrowers … (2 comments)

california: Summer Fun in Fontana!! - 06/02/10 03:17 PM
If you're going to be in or near the Fontana California area this summer, there are lots of family-friendly, low or no-cost activities to take part in! Activites are presented by the Fontana Community Services Departmenrt, begin May 29 and run through August.
Fontana Oak Aquatic Center pool is open all year offering recreational swim and swim lessons for $3 a day or $35 for a monthly pass. Call (909)854-4111 for more information. There are six different summer camps to choose from (sports, arts, theater, teens, fitness, and one that's a variety), but space is filling up fast. Check here for … (0 comments)

california: Foreclosures Down in Fontana - 05/26/10 12:38 PM
A decline was seen in both unemployment and foreclosures in the Inland Empire in April. Unemployment went down from 15 percent to 14.2 percent according to state officials while overall in the California the unemployment rate remained at 12.6 percent.
Now while foreclosure rates still were fairly high in the Inland Empire, they have decreased recently according to a report by an online marketplace for foreclosure properties called RealtyTrac. Across the US foreclosure filings were reported on 333,837 properties in April, which was a 9 percent decrease from the previous month and a 2 percent drop from April of 2009. California however saw a 25 percent drop … (0 comments)

california: You'll Kick Yourself if You Miss the Health and Safety Fair in Fontana! - 05/25/10 03:00 PM
I just wanted everyone to know about the Health and Safety Fair that is happening in Fontana, CA on June 12th.

If you live near Fontana, I would HIGHLY recommend attending the Health and Safety Fair, especially if you have kids. In addition to the fun stuff like face painting and martial arts demonstrations, there will also be car seat inspections (did you know that over 70% of car seats are installed incorrectly, putting our children at risk??), helmet give-aways, fingerprinting for your kids, and dental and medical screening. Definitely a don't-miss event!

california: New Legislation Would Protect Borrowers In California - 05/21/10 10:54 AM
Banks have already foreclosed upon many families homes in this devastating economic environment. We find now that lenders can continue to harass them for additional payment. How much more money do the banks think they can get from families who have already lost their homes and most likely their jobs? Not only is it trying to get blood from a turnip, but they are causing these folks to think they'll never get the chance to start again.
New legislation, SB 1178, extends anti-deficiency protections to homeowners who have refinanced "purchase money" loans and are now facing foreclosure. A big part of the problem is that many … (2 comments)

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