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Every year right after Thanksgiving I make it a point to take the rest of the year off.  Let me re-phrase that, I work much less than normal!  Business seems to slow and I've made enough through the year to just take some quality time off and enjoy where I live, my wife, my dog, and my friends.  ...
Above is a copy of some material used when I got promoted to partner in the 2nd largest real estate firm in the Hawaiian Islands.  Does your firm open their doors for you?  If not, why not?  You as a realtor is how the firm makes money and stays afloat.  Any thoughts?
Yes this is very exciting news!  We live on an island surrounded by water with very limited chains.  We just got Wal-Mart and K-Mart within the last decade.  Still don't have Target, Ikea, Olive garden, Walgreens, Applebees, and others.  There are a few articles out but the link below is to an ar...
After having that huge 8.1 earthquake off of Japan.  Hawaii experienced some really weird surges which were considered mini Tsunamis.  The tide which normally takes 8 hours to come in and out was only taking 6 minutes and would do it over and over again.  Really a site to see!!!!  All beaches wer...
Not sure about you but I'm sooooo glad I married someone who was a realtor at some point in her life.  Don't get me wrong, she has much better qualities than her being a realtor.  :' )  But it does help a lot!!!  Face it, our schedule is pretty hectic and we hardly ever have a real day off unless...
In Hawaii we have what's called Brokers Opens.  They are specific and unique times that are only advertised to fellow realtors and not to the general public.  Unlike normal public open houses which are primarily used for prospecting, Brokers opens are a great way to get to know your fellow realto...
Every state like every ethnic group is known for something either different or interesting or maybe even both.  In Hawaii we are known for our lush tropical beauty, our surf and large waves, hula dancing, beautiful women, Kona coffee, the macadamia nut, pineapples, pigeon slang, ethic diversity, ...
A friend of mine came in from Las Vegas to visit Oahu.  This is his first time here on the island.  To my surprise he doesn't want anything to do with the downtown scene and only wants to sightsee our lush Hawaiian climate and spend the days either driving or at the beach.  Being a local boy born...
Wow it's already November.  Seems like this year just flew on by in a flash.  The real estate year is pretty much over and most new escrows opened after the mid of this month wont be a paycheck till 2007.  Not sure about you but 2006 was very different.  Buyers and Sellers have changed with the m...
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!I'm sitting here in my home office looking out the window, all I see is rain and dark clouds!!!!  I remember as a child these days of disappointment!  Sitting in school praying for the rain to stop!  If I knew how I would do a sunshine dance for the children.  Please ...

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