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I've wanted to share with the community just what keeps me sane during my normal business day. I had to bring my camera to the office just to capture what that essence is.  For me it's generally all about balance.  Let’s start with a picture of my desk as I see it sitting in my chair and work to ...
Median Home Sales broken out by city for both Alameda and Contra Costa County.Click on image to enlarge and see the entire report.Items of Note:Alameda County UP 2.39% from a year ago.Contra Costa County DOWN 1.74% during the same time.Oakland sold the most units for Alameda County at 275 for a m...
Hockey fever is here in the Bay Area!The SJ Sharks have moved on to the second round.With the loss by the Dallas Stars tonight in Game 7 against the Vancouver Cannucks, the Sharks are lined up against the Redwings (again).For now the schedule looks like this:2007 WESTERN CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS    ...
This isn't Texas, and this isn't Emeril. This is about thinking outside the box.I just got back from a Chili Cook-Off.Yes I know, it's Monday.It was put on by a local title company (First American Title).It couldn't have been simpler.They had a number of office workers prepare their favorite chil...
This time it was a PayPal incident.Almost had me too.   NOT!Here's a link to the web page PayPal has on Phishing: LINKHere's snippets from my email:   Sound good so far...  I'll get right on this.  Oh no!  That sounds really serious!  Those darn 3rd Party guys are always up to no good!   Just how...
Here is a follow up to my post yesterday titled Should We Bail?I was reading that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are both working on programs designed to keep people from going into foreclosure.  At this point, no specific details are available.  Most of the loan amounts in my area, Walnut Creek, Laf...
I just read that my former high school - Las Lomas High School was named a California Distinguished School!Also on the list is College Park High School, Northgate High School and my Daughter's present school; Sequoia Middle School in Pleasant Hill.Congratulations to all.Remember this is a very pr...
There's a fierce debate going on right now.It's a national debate but reaches right into my area.It's going to have an influence on the home loans that happen right here in Contra Costa County.It involves the collapse of the sub prime lenders.It involves the coming rise in foreclosures.It involv...
The median home prices local buyers paid for a home in the Bay Area last month (March) was $639,000.That's a gain of 3.1% from the previous month (February).For the the same time last year the median rise is 2.1% (March 2006 - March 2007).March figures tend to be higher than February as the tradi...
I had a phone call the other day from a former client.It was another call for help, I had placed a Hard Money Loan for her a year ago.She had first contacted me when her lender filed a Notice of Default on her home.She was working but fell behind in her payments.Her income was minimal.Her job wa...

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