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Pinal County, AZ is #1 in job growth for the nation, according to Money Magazine. You never heard of Pinal County, AZ?  Think again.  You likely know something about Pinal County without having learned the name. It's the county just north of Tucson, and it's home to: Bioshpere 2, the 3.5 acre gl...
Ez-Kim-In-Zin Picnic Area in Tucson's Saguaro National Park West is the most remote in the park...  and it's an easy drive from anywhere in Tucson. This lovely rock structure is easily the most unique (and beautiful) picnic spot I've seen anywhere in the southwest. Check this out: Unparalleled v...
A pelican in Tucson, Arizona? I was shooting a video with REALTOR Kevin Wood, Realty Execs just down the street.  Sitting at the kitchen table with the Flip Video camera, I was asking Kevin about the home he had just listed. "Just down the street, there's a lake" he said.  I had to see for mysel...
Among the nearly 160,000 bloggers in the Active Rain Real Estate Network, the authority on FHA mortgages has to be Jeff Belonger of Cherry Hill, NJ (my old stomping grounds.) If you're looking for a loan in Arizona, please click my profile link right here, and I'm glad to help you. Mike in Tucson...
Chance of rain, 10%.  Overnight low in the 60's.  That's what Jimmy Stewart, our Channel 4 Weatherman, predicted on last night's news for the Tucson area. Look at the downpour in the center right of the photo.  This is a true desert thunderstorm. When it rains here in our desert southwest, we ra...
I've resisted the "wordless" thing, but I'm giving in today.  Wednesday, September 16, 2009.  I've resisted because this is a blog, after all.  A web log.  A chronicle of images painted in the mind with words. Your mind doesn't think in words.  It translates words into images in your brain, and ...
"How long until I can cash out on my foreclosure purchase?"  My borrower got a screaming deal on the courthouse steps.  $80,000 cash bought a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in relatively good condition.  No roof problems, no structural probems, decent kitchen and modern bathrooms.  What it needed was a t...
Who knows what goes on in the mind of a Giant Saguaro?  Forced to stand in one place, decade upon decade, they endure the indignities of life in stoic silence. That's got to be hard. It takes a desert saguaro a long time to grow arms ~ seventy-five years to be exact.   You see a lot of "stuff" i...
Tucson's Signal Hill Petroglyphs are thought to be as old as 1,000 years or more.  Signal Hill is located in Saguaro National Park West, on the western flank of the Tucson Mountains.  It's immediately south of the community of Picture Rocks, so named because of the ancient rock art you see here....
Summer's winding down, even here in Tucson. Everything's looking a little greener than it does in the dog days of August.  The monsoon rains help with that. I took a potted plant out of this hanging frame to work on it, and forgot to put it back.  Looking out the window, I saw that we had a new ...

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