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The tax credit has not yet been extended.  I've seen emails, blogs you name it today, saying the 8k tax credit has been extended.  This is not accurate information.  Folks, verify before you jump the gun on this. Our GVMT is voting this Friday.  They have verbally said it will or is highly likely...
This blog deserves the attention of every person in the financial industry.  I am not a mortgage broker, but I know many folks who work for them as well.  Thankfully I am a mortgage banker, direct lender.  That is the difference between a non bank entity mentioned in the blog and you tube clip. M...
It's time for soup, stew and comfort foods.....mmmm.  Tonight I'm making a classic Russian staple (soup), It is called Lapsha.  This soup is not hearty, it is light.  You can make it with chicken, turkey, lamb or even beef stock.  My favorite is turkey.  Do not throw out those turkey bones, make ...
Take a look at the calendar with me.  Are you trying to close a first time home buyer before the tax credit expires?  Do you have a first time home buyer purchasing one of your listings?  Please take a look at the calendar with me. Nov 25th is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Most title compan...
I just loved this post, wanted to share with folks who may not know Terry yet so they don't miss out on this great list of things we should be thankful for.My America: •·        Is chasing fireflies on a summer night. •·        Sleeping with the windows open. •·        Driving with the top down. ...
Debt to income ratio maximums are being changed for FHA effective today.  All loans with Debt Ratios that exceed 50% must fund by 11/30/2009.  These loans must also be locked by November 1st.  If they do not fund, no lock extensions will be granted.  The debt to income ratio is the percentage of ...
I'm not an early bird.  Never will be.  But I'm one Smart Chick.  Do your clients really want you to call them at 8am when they are driving children to school and or packing lunches? NO.....They want you to be there during their lunch hour and when they get home from work.  My clients appreciate ...
It is true, and Terry inspired me to write a blog about this very same thing. Let's focus my dear AR friends! "You are either at the top of the food chain, or you're food!"   Every day you should strive to be the best you can be. I mean every single day. If you educate and motivate yourself in so...
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Would you try harder knowing that you would succeed?  Would you stop putting off projects you thought were too difficult or may take too much time?  Would you get out there and try something new because you thought "maybe I can create something?"...
I'm on politics overload.  I cannot turn on the TV without hearing it.  I walk in my office and a huge flat screen is on Fox News, all day.  Talk radio, all politics; both sides.  I'm even tired of seeing their faces when in line at the market on magazines.  Who said this, who said that, who is l...

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