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I have been going thru all my photos on my laptop and organizing them and putting them on a thumb drive because I will be getting a new laptop soon as mine is on its last legs. I have had it since Windows Vista was new and Best Buy won't work on them anymore. I remember this REAL well. A bit scar...
Happy Saturday everyone-On my trip to Florida in January 2016 I visited several places. While I don't remember the name of the place I remember these animals.  This is the first time I had not only seen these unusual and beautiful animals. It is also the first I had ever heard of them. Here is a ...
Good Friday evening-Today was a beautiful sunny day and so I decided to go to a nearby park I had never been. It was a peaceful serene and beautiful park called Mill Mountain park which also has a zoo but I didn't go in the zoo just went for a walk in the wildflower walkway thru the woods. Now be...
Hello everyone-In the quest to get rid of more stuff so I can make sure I have the room for the necessities moving forward into the future I have been taking pics of old photos so I can eliminate a container but still have the pictures and the memories.So today has been a trip down memory lane. I...
My kitty Shadow loves anyplace she deems safe. From what, who knows what goes on inside of her brain. I just know after almost 5 yrs of her being with me she still is a scaredy cat. I guess at this point she will always be afraid of her own Shadow. While in the midst of getting clothes ready to s...
Good morning everyone-Today is a celebration of not one but two Active Rain friends and Ambassadors, awesome photographers, consummate professionals and all around special people. I had found out several years ago about one of these friends but I found out about the other one thru a comment on hi...

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