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Good morning everyone-Couldn't let this day go by without giving a Happy birthday shout to one of my fav ladies in and out of the rain. She is a beautiful lady inside and out. Her zest for life, her family, two footed and four footed is evident to all those who know her as well as her passion for...
Good morning everyone-It doesn't seem possible that 4 yrs have passed since I lost my kitty Lindsey. As any pet owner knows it is heartbreaking to lose a pet.They are our furbabies and we love them and the pain and heartbreak we feel is real. Each one has its own special personality but they all ...
Hello everyone-A while back I noticed in the comment sections of many of my followers blogs all of a sudden a lot of the profile pics were smaller than some of the others when they commented. I didn't know why but didn't think anything about it until one day Ron and Alexandra Seigel made a commen...
On Jan 1 of this year I started my 8th year on Active Rain. It is hard to believe I have been part of this community a little over 7 years, I started commenting and posting a few months before Jan 1 2009 but signed up on Jan 1 2009. It has opened up a whole new world for me.  I never knew what bl...
Hello everyone-As some of you know that read my last BLOG Mom ended up in the hospital and then rehab because of a UTI. The rehab center unfortunately is an hour drive one way so I only go twice a week. She is a bit stronger than she was but still has a ways to go before she is strong enough to c...
Good morning everyone-On my Florida getaway I stopped at St Petersburg where they had this place with some of Dale Chihuly's work on display. I learned a lot there about Dale and how he got his start, his education, his car accident in his 30's which rendered him blind in one eye yet he went on t...
Good Saturday morning everyone-This chilly snowy morning reminds me of the song "The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful" Well in my case the electric heater is anyways. Even if I wanted to go anywhere I wouldn't be able to because of all the heavy snow and our secondary ro...
Good afternoon everyone-As many of you know I left for Florida on the evening of the 11th and I returned last night about 4:30 pm.  I was so glad to be home and sleep in my own bed(more about that later) and to see my kitty Shadow. She was so very happy too.I am VERY thankful that I didn't plan t...
Good morning everyone-Tomorrow evening I leave for Fla. the temps will be much better than here. My kind of temps actually. In the mid 60's-70's during the day. I will return on the afternoon of the 21st. I will be flying off into the wild blue yonder.My flight leaves close to 6 pm and I get to T...

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