blog: As If My Blog Wasn't Working Hard Enough Already - 10/23/09 02:25 AM
As If My Blog Wasn't Working Hard Enough Already
After blogging for close to three years, we have developed an extensive library of content on real estate-related articles. Google loves our content and rewards us by ranking us highly for many local real estate terms and neighborhoods.
Our blog works very hard for us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping consumers learn more about the area, find our home search, promoting our listings, and asking them to contact us for their real estate needs. All of this hard work pays off by helping us connect with people who need help … (19 comments)

blog: I Love Your Local Photos - Would You Please Photograph the Cemetary? - 09/08/09 03:24 AM
I Love Your Local Photos - Would You Please Photograph the Cemetary?
Because we do a lot of blog posts about our local area and include a lot of photos and information, we get quite a few phone calls and email inquiries - both real estate and non-real estate related about the area. We welcome those requests and love to talk about Montana.
The most interesting inquiry we've received was an email inquiry from someone in Florida asking us to photograph the local cemetary:
"I loved the pictures that you posted on your web page. Superior looks beautiful. I just found out today … (7 comments)

blog: Parental Success - Our Daughter is a Blogger! - 08/04/09 09:30 AM
Parental Success - Our Daughter is a Blogger!
Parents dream that their children will one day become a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut, a fireman, a nurse, or many other great professions. Well, our daughter Kelsey may still become many of those things as she has her whole life ahead of her.
We are already excited and very proud of her though as she just started her own Blog -, named after her nickname from volleyball. Many of you may already recognize her name as she is also an amazing photographer and we have posted many of her pictures right here on … (8 comments)

blog: What Is That Seller Thinking? Just Read His Blog to Find Out! - 07/22/09 12:53 PM
What Is That Seller Thinking? Just Read His Blog to Find Out!
Have you ever wanted to know what the "other party" in a transaction was thinking? Well, you may be able to find out, and you won't even need a crystal ball!
We just recently closed on a transaction for a home with a great first-time homebuyer and his family. We looked at several and identified "the one" in a short amount of time. Both the husband and wife are very computer and internet-savvy and do their research.
When they got home, they were able to pull up the property taxes online … (18 comments)

blog: Do You Have a Well Balanced Blog? - 03/10/09 11:55 AM
Do You Have a Well Balanced Blog?
Do you get tired of the same 'ol same 'ol with your blog? Just think how your readers feel. Make sure you're writing a variety of posts to keep things interesting.
You want your Blog to be well balanced, just like your diet. If your blog is getting to be ho hum, spice it up!
Back in January, I attended a Webinar by Rick Burnes at Hubspot on Advanced Business Blogging where he gave names to the different types of Blog posts. They are pretty memorable so I thought I'd share my notes here.

blog: Top 10 Ways You Know You're a Blogger If... - 02/23/09 09:21 PM
Top 10 Ways You Know You're a Blogger If..
1.) You won't leave the house without your camera, or better yet, it's attached to you at all times. You never know when you will find inspiration.
2.) You have the thought at least once a day, "Oh that would make a great blog post!"
3.) You keep notes on your desk, stuck to your monitor, or in a file on "Future Blog Post Topics."
4.) You love to read other Blogs. If you're a writer, chances are that you're also a reader, they go hand in hand.
5.) You've been kept awake … (57 comments)

blog: Loving This Traffic....To My ActiveRain Outside Blog That Is! - 02/23/09 03:58 PM
We were a little slow to add the new ActiveRain Outside blog feature. Now that we've added it, there's no going back.
In only a few short weeks, we've seen an increase in traffic to our blog posts and in our posts getting indexed by Google, and quickly!
We specialize in Localism posts on Missoula and Western Montana and its communities and Google is eating it up.
According to Active Brad: "The high point is our automatically generated Site-map which helps Google (and other search engines) more quickly and accurately index these Blogs."
Kevin was a professional web designer prior to our career … (53 comments)

blog: It's Lovely I'll Take It - Hilarious Pictures from the MLS - 09/11/08 05:01 PM
A fellow Realtor (R) recently pointed me to a hilarious real estate website called It's Lovely, I'll Take It.
The site features comical photos that have been submitted from all over the country that were included in actual listings on an MLS system.
Some of the photos look very familiar to ones I've seen on our MLS. One of the most annoying is bathroom pictures with the toilet lid open - that's not going to bring in potential buyers.
If you need a good chuckle or want to make sure that you're not making any of these mistakes, then check out … (19 comments)

blog: Let Your Readers Rate Your Blog Posts using Outbrain - 02/06/08 02:01 AM
Do you have a blog that uses Typepad, Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, Javascript or Feedburner?
If so, you can let your readers rank your blog posts with the free service at
I don't know if this can be added to the ActiveRain blog or not but we are adding it to our Wordpress blog on our website.

blog: Our 100th Post and Our Favorite Things We've Found on ActiveRain! - 02/03/08 03:43 AM
Today is our 100th Blog Post! The Big 1 - 0 - 0. To celebrate we thought we would share some of our favorite things that we picked up on active rain:
Free marketing tips and samples at and free forms for The Consultative Real Estate Agent at when you sign up for the free e-newsletter, and Mike Ferry at
Favorite Online Flier Site - - great for posting to Craigslist and it syndicates your posting to backpage, googlebase, hotpads, kijiji, livedeal, oodle, trulia, vast, zillow and more. And best of all IT'S FREE!
Favorite Free Virtual Tour Site:
Favorite … (17 comments)

blog: New Group - Montana - Big Sky Country - Real Estate, Sights, What to Do, Where to Stay & More! - 09/28/07 02:50 PM
Do you love Montana, like visiting our state, or dream of moving to Big Sky Country one day?
We've started a new group on ActiveRain that's all about Montana at . Join us and learn more about "the last best place" including sights and areas, what to do, where to stay and all about the local real estate market.
Montana is celebrated for many things, among them its grand mountains, vast prairies, wide-open sky, cool clear rivers, abundant wildlife and friendly, independent people. The fourth-largest state in the nation, Montana has a population of just more than 900,000, for an … (4 comments)