minnesota: Why Move To Twin Cities Minnesota... by Twin Cities Homes for Sale - 02/08/12 11:27 AM
Why Move To Twin Cities Minnesota...  by Twin Cities Homes for Sale
If you don't live here and have never been here, it's probably hard for you to imagine why people love this area.
There many features that make Twin Cities a very attractive place to work and live, and many corporations to place their headquarters here.
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minnesota: Minnesota Legislature Provides Late Night Comedy... by Twin Cities Homes for Sale - 03/22/11 07:34 AM
Minnesota Legislature Provides Late Night Comedy... by Twin Cities Homes for Sale
Why stay up for late night comedians when you can get your morning laugh from your local legislators.
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minnesota: Wordless Wednesday: ... by Twin Cities Homes for Sale - 03/25/10 12:29 AM
Wordless Wednesday:  Twin Cities Pink Sunset  ... by Twin Cities Homes for Sale
Wordless Wednesday on Thursday, as I didn’t quite make it on Wednesday.
A pink sunset usually means a day without extreme cold, typical, and a day that brings new beginnings, and new opportunities.  

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minnesota: Who Joined Witness Protection Program in Minnesota? - 04/28/08 05:08 PM
Where is SPRING?! 
It came by a few days ago, about a week ago, it teased us with two gorgeous days.  Those days felt like heaven.  Everyone was out walking, biking, raking lawns, playing with children...   It was almost perfect.  Then, it came... a winter storm?  Does winter not own a calendar?!  Western and northwestern Minnesota received between 6 and 12 inches of snow.
We all miss our friend SPRING.  Not that we don't like WINTER, but she's overstayed her welcome this year, sorry!

 Trees and flowers are ready for warm sunshine and gentle breeze. 

 We are all ready to … (6 comments)

minnesota: Twin Cities Parks Photos - 04/02/08 09:33 AM
This was nature's  April Fools Day joke on us. Loads of wet snow flakes were falling on Monday afternoon and into Tuesday early morning hours. After a beautiful day on Sunday, it was hard to believe the weather forecast for Monday.  But... then it came...
As we approach the end of this year's winter season, we are awaiting for snow statistics comparison. It looks like this has been the snowiest March since 1984. 
To check statistics for the most and the least snowy winters in Minnesota, go to      
NOAA's National Weather Service Weather Forecast OfficeEnjoy the photos of … (4 comments)

minnesota: Best of the Twin Cities: the Shopping Experience. - 02/29/08 12:23 AM
         Southdale – the first shopping mall in the country.
            Minnesota has played an important role in history of shopping centers in United States for decades.  The very first fully enclosed, climate-controlled regional shopping center, Southdale, was built in Edina, MN.  The Dayton Company conceived the idea for the project in 1950 to meet the needs of many businesses moving from the city to the suburbs.
           The center opened on October 7, 1956 and became a benchmark for shopping, retail, and community development.  About 10 years ago, the mall underwent a significant remodeling and additions.  Today, it … (11 comments)

minnesota: Only in Minnesota?! - Perhaps... One or Two Other Places... - 02/21/08 10:09 AM
        The temperatures in the Twin Cities got down to 15 degrees below zero night before last, and that's air temp.  Wind chill was in the neighborhood of 35-40 below zero..  brrrrr..  Yeah, it's pretty cold.  Wait, whatever happened to global warming?! Can't find it here. 
Remember science experiments in grade school?  Did they teach you what happens to hot, almost boiling water when you throw it into the air when air temperatures are below zero?  Water mostly dissipates.  My daughter and I did this yesterday morning before I drove her to school.  Here's what happened:
Here's another thing about … (26 comments)

minnesota: Best of the Twin Cities: Taxation and Education in Minnesota. - 02/19/08 09:26 AM
        Our state continues to receive high rankings in national surveys.  In the 2007 Most Livable State Ranking, Minnesota came in second, right behind New Hampshire. This rating is based on 44 factors like crime rates, unemployment rates and per capita gross state product, with factors given equal weight. (http://www.morganquinto.com/sr07mlrnk.htm, accessed April, 2007)
        Twin Cities are the second best metro area for business location, according to Expansion Management. Rankings compared 362 metropolitan statistical areas in quality of life, public education, health care cost and availability, and metros reputation among prestigious corporate site location consultants. ( Where Are the Best … (6 comments)

minnesota: Is Your Market Labeled?! - 01/14/08 02:13 PM
We all know very well what's going on in the mortgage industry and we all have felt the impact: plenty of inventory, frustrated sellers, hours of work and piles of money spent marketing active listings, buyers on "the fence" about getting into the process, speculators waiting for the prices to bottom out...etc.  All of this happening while the news about the country's economy is not good: the "R" (recession) word gets mentioned more frequently, stock market has been on the teeter-totter, interest rates cut again, and... The recent Congress legislation puts FHA financing on tracks to stop, or at least slow down the foreclosure train.  With all this … (10 comments)

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