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Focusing on the Real Estate market and communities of Londonderry and Litchfield NH. Discussion to include market statistics, community profiles and general social commentary.



This was emailed to me by a good friend.  I dont have the Photo Shop editing talents to create it.It is meant to be taken in good fun, no disrespect intended.  My wife is Catholic and my kids are being raised catholic.  I only wish I had our priest's email so I could forward it to him.  Father Bo...
A great source of information on being successful and safe as a Landlord is the LPA. I have personally used their services to run credit reports and as a resource for official forms and documents used with my tenants.  There are forms specific to the eviction process, leases, disclosures, A Landl...
There really was an Ocean Born Mary. History reports she was born at sea on July 28, 1720 to James and Elizabeth Wilson. Legend tells us they were passengers on a ship filled with immigrants to New England when privateers appeared. The pirate captain reportedly promised not to harm the passengers...
1718 - a group of Irish immigrants visited the area then called Nutfield because of the abundance of nut bearing trees in the area.  They believed it would be a good site for a community, settled and developed the community and four years later, in June 1722, the Nutfield area was incorporated as...

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