finance: Mortgage Market Update -- Canadian Financial Institutions Rise Above Rest - 03/28/09 04:40 PM
Well after all the negative press that the economy, both from a worldwide and a national perspective has received, it appears that Canadian Financial Institutions are still viewed as leaders amongst the industry and in a very strong position for rebound.
This article, from Globe & Mail on Saturday, March 6 shows how Canadian financial institutions are now being viewed with much envy as many other countries struggle to cope with the financial disaster that has developed across the globe.
Canada's banks are finally getting some respect.
Derided for years as meek and mild while banks around the world expanded … (0 comments)

finance: Lethbridge Mortgage Blog -- Consumers Beware - Your Line of Credit may be Rising - 02/27/09 06:58 AM
If you happen to hold an unsecure line of credit with a Canadian financial institution, you may be receiving some troublesome news - payments and interest could be on the rise. This increase is not due to the Bank of Canada raising the Prime rate however. Several of the major financial institutions in Canada are concerned that their earnings may be affected by the historically low interest rates that exist in the marketplace at present and are taking it upon themselves to change things, by increasing their own rates.
TD Canada Trust sent out a wave of letters to customers that … (4 comments)

finance: Interest Rates Dropping again - 01/19/09 12:54 AM
According to, Bank of Canada is preparing to decrease its key interest rate this week in order to provide stimulus to the economy. With unemployment on the rise and inflation quickly diminishing, economists widely expect the Bank of Canada to cut its key rate by half a percentage point tomorrow. Market analysts will then pore over the central bank's new economic outlook, to be released Thursday, for clues about whether the B of C will take rates even lower, perhaps even to zero.
Note: An adjustment to the Bank of Canada key interest rate will affect variable /adjustable rate mortgage products … (0 comments)

finance: Canadian Govt considering offering tax credit for home renovations - 01/15/09 04:07 AM
Interesting news today that the Harper government has been floating the idea of a tax credit for home renovations. The thinking is this type of incentive could provide a significant stimulus for Canada's floundering residential construction industry. The idea also could serve as a significant boost to the much needed lumber and forestry sectors that have experienced major declines in demand since the US housing crisis and worldwide economy downturn over past 2 years. 
From todays Report on Business (
Deliberations continue as Canada's premiers meet today in Ottawa to put the final touches on a budget request for Prime Minister Stephen … (0 comments)

Why use a Mortgage Broker?
•·   Power of professional negotiating expertise.
•·   One stop convenience for access to numerous mortgage products.
•·   Unbiased knowledgeable advice.
•·   Access to unadvertised rates.
•·   Work for you, not the Bank.
What is the Homebuyers Plan?
•·   Home Buyers Plan is a federal government program that allows homebuyers to use $20,000.00 for each purchaser from his/her own RRSP.
•·   You must not have owned a principal residence within the last 5 years.
•·   You must intend to occupy the home as a principal residence.
•·   Minimum repayment is 15 equal annual installments. This … (0 comments)

finance: Email that made my day. - 01/06/09 10:52 AM
Today I received an email out of the blue from a client that I helped with a mortgage in the early summer. The email was simply to thank me for the job that I did for her and her boyfriend when they purchased a home in order to relocate to a new city. It sure was a good feeling to know that I was still in mind almost half a year later. I will be adding this email to my testimonial section shortly.
It is situations like this that make the job that I do rewarding every single day. To be able … (2 comments)

finance: Happy Holidays Everyone - 12/24/08 05:41 AM
This holiday season, my thoughts turn gratefully to those people who have made my success possible.
It is in this spirit that I say thank-you and best wishes for the holiday season and a very happy new year.
May peace, prosperity and joy be with you all!!!
All the best!

finance: Equity & Vision mortgage programs suspended by another Lender. - 12/24/08 05:23 AM
Equity (low documentation) and vision (damaged credit) mortgages became more difficult to obtain in Canada this week as Concentra financial announced that it was "temporarily" suspending these programs in response to the current conditions of the economy and credit conditions in Canada.
These types of programs are very important to customers who don't fit the traditional "A" lending requirements of most banks and institutions.
Equity programs allow for reduced amount of required documentation in underwriting a mortgage. Over the past few years, lenders have been willing to allow for less documentation in situations where there is sizable amount of equity (security) in a property. … (0 comments)

finance: Tips for saving on your winter heating bill!! - 12/16/08 05:54 AM
With the recent cold snap that we have experienced in the West, I felt that it was important to provide a few helpful hints to help enjoy a warmer winter and curb the evil heating bill!
#1 - Caulk (or re-caulk) around the frames of doors and windows with acrylic latex caulking.
#2 - Check for gaps and cracks around exterior light fixtures, outdoor taps and other through-the-wall openings. Insert pre-cut draft-blocking gaskets where required.
#3 - Install door sweeps and/or weather stripping on all doors to outside.
#4 - Turn down the thermostat when going to bed or when you will … (0 comments)

finance: New Mortgage Rate Update - 12/15/08 04:14 AM
Here is a summary of All Source Mortgages best available interest rates vs. Major bank posted rates and cost savings on a mortgage of $250,000. Are you sure that your bank has your best 'interest' in mind?? Contact me today for a free, no obligation comparison!

finance: An early Christmas present for Variable Rate Mortgage holders - 12/15/08 03:34 AM
 Tough economic times continue to benefit adjustable and variable rate mortgages.
 On Tuesday the Bank of Canada reduced the key lending rate by three-quarters of a percentage point in response to the world economic slowdown. It was widely expected that the rate cut would be .50% but the central bank surprised many by slashing .75% off of its trendsetting interest rate. In response,  Canada's major banks have cut their prime lending rates by half a percentage point, to 3.5 per cent, rather than following with a full three-quarters of a point reduction. We are now seeing unprecedented low rates related to … (1 comments)

finance: Using a HELOC to Enhance your Investments - 03/11/08 03:40 PM
Do you have a large amount of equity built up in your home? Are you looking to further enhance your financial position? A HELOC may be just the type of financing that you are looking for.
HELOC is an abbreviation for Home Equity Line of Credit. Basically, a HELOC is a credit account that is secured by property that a person owns. This account can be drawn against by the investor for any number of reasons, such as paying bills, consolidating debt, making a large purchase such as vehicle or property, investing for retirement etc.
The HELOC option when used properly, can … (0 comments)

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