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Shift: Tactic #4- Find the Motivated - Lead Generation This is a very detailed section and thorough section of the entire book and I will talk about a couple of points that I really took away some important thoughts.  Getting into the real estate business is getting into two businesses.  The help...
Shift Tactic #3: Do More With Less- LEVERAGE Cutting expenses and finding your margin doesn't necessarily mean slashing quality or delivering less.  I found that in a shifting market you have to find out what works.  That may sound super obvious, but an example of that would be here in Manhattan ...
Shift Tactic #2: Re-Margin your Business - Expense Management. This section of the book states that now you have implemented an effective mindset and action plan, you now have to make other effective changes in your business.  The first change is to cut costs.  You need to "Get your expenses lowe...
Shift Tactic #1: Get Real, Get Right- Mindset and Action.  The first tactic states that the first and most significant choice will be to get real about your situation and get right about what you're doing about it. When a market shifts there is only one real thing to do-shift with it.  This shift...
Shift: The beginning of the book starts out very fundamentally speaking about the real estate business cycle.  Like every other business cycle, the market goes up, the market goes down, but when the market makes a quick turn everybody is surprised that it happens.  National Shifts Happen Gradual...
Christmas time in New York City is my favorite time of year to be in Manhattan.  So much to do and so much to see if you are brave enough to bundle up, get out in the cold and bring a good pair of walking shoes!        
                                                              Photos and graphics by Morgan Evans, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate New York, New York. All information is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted in any way. Visit my website to search all apartments on the internet! Co...
This is a picture of the New York Stock Exchange that was taken when my good friend, Sonny Kwan, was in town visiting from Mercer  Island, WA.  This is on my "to see" list of anybody visiting Manhattan. Photos and graphics by Morgan Evans, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate New York, New Yor...
New York City's Smallest Apartment-Spoke too Soon Well it looks like the popularity of the first newstory about the tiniest apartment in Manhattan sprouted a couple of other inquiries to truly find the smallest apartment in New York City. Here is a link to new article about the smallest apartmen...
NO FEE UPPER WEST SIDE RENTAL APARTMENTS - December 2009 Edition  No fee rentals in Upper West side in New York City - Partner up with me to day To find your desirable NO FEE RENTALS in Upper West Side in New York city, being an Upper West side resident myself, I know the ins and outs of each Upp...

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