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If you live in a newer home you may be thinking everything is up to code because the home was built more recently than others in your area.  Surprisingly, dryer venting and dryer exhaust systems are often improperly installed.  I've seen newer homes with the dryer venting into the attic.  Builder...
Improper dryer exhaust installation is even common in newer homes and just as much a fire hazard as in the older homes   Chicago, IL - Mory Matias, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard in Chicago, recently inspected a dryer exhaust system in a newer home.  The homeowner was confident that everything would ...
Dryer vent cleaning and maintenance prolongs the life of your dryer, saves on energy bills and prevents fires   Chicago, Ill - Mory Matias is known for his efforts to promote public awareness of dryer vent cleaning and proper dryer exhaust maintenance to prevent fires.  Some people would say that...
There is a man on a mission to prevent clothes dryer fires in Chicago.   He is a dryer vent cleaning and dryer exhaust specialist who is concerned with the safety of consumers and business owners in his community.  Some say he is constantly ranting, raving and "venting" about dryer vent cleaning....

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