lincoln nh: Slope side home site on Loon Mt - Lincoln New Hampshire - 08/15/14 11:33 PM
Loon mountain is the most popular ski resort for the Boston / Massachusetts's a two hour ride all highway and the reward for your trip is great skiing. The best man-made snow coverage in the east, and a great little town to entertain and enjoy when the skiing is done for the day or over for the season.

From the summit of Loon looking north...this is why we ski and climb mountains.

The Adirondack style homes are approved by an architectural design process, so the completed homes are all spectacular (the one pictured above shares a side boundary with the subject … (18 comments)

lincoln nh: Slope side at Loon mt Lincoln NH- ski-in and ski-out. - 08/09/13 11:51 PM

This home bridges the gap between the four elements most people want in a ski home…#1 function, #2 proximity, #3 price & #4 maintenance. It is incredibly difficult to find a property that has it all at Loon Mountain ski resort in Lincoln New Hampshire.
The best locations were built long ago and therefore need work or modernization. The shiny new properties are a million dollars or quite far from the slopes and the properties that function perfectly come with a high monthly fee. This home has it all: Function- 5 bedrooms and a second living space … (4 comments)

lincoln nh: Loon winter seasonal Last condo for lease. 2012-2013 - 10/23/12 05:30 AM
The Loon Mountain ski resort in Lincoln New Hampshire, has published a note indicating their pass sales are up 20% over last years numbers. In my opinion they did a terrific job in the snow making department last year...and it seems to me some families who skied elsewhere got the memo too. The 6 Month season leases have gone faster than I can ever remember this year...AND...the Farmer;s Almanac is calling for better than average snow fall in the Northeast this winter. So here it is very last 3 bedroom condo available for this winter (I have one home of … (2 comments)

lincoln nh: New Hampshire...diverse weather and all types of housing. - 06/04/12 03:15 AM
New Hampshire’s extreme weather diversity…it never gets boring when it comes to the changing seasons in the Granite State. In fact we can have multiple seasons on the same day – often just a few miles apart.
Today was one of those strange days…I have Iris blooming in my yard, and about 50 miles away at the top of Mount Washington (summit 6,300 feet) the weather observation towers had to be cleared of snow.
The kayaks were enjoying the swelling rivers, while golfers where dodging rain drops to get a round in. So while some in the lakes … (11 comments)

lincoln nh: White Mountain Cross Country skiing at Loon Mountain NH - 02/24/12 08:32 PM
Yes...We got that big February Snow dump that the weatherman said we would...Whoo Hoo!!

The snow in the Hemlock required a quick cross country spin this Morning before getting ready for a full day of real estate appointments at Loon Mountain today. While some of you are stretching  in front of the morning news - or the more ambitious are taking a morning jog...I was off for a quick cross country ski in the woods.

The View of the Pemigewasset River in Woodstock was significantly enhanced by last nights six inch snow fall.
I have gotten several messages regarding … (15 comments)

lincoln nh: The Thursday wait...great new properties about to hit the market -till then I'll ski. - 01/26/12 01:58 PM
Being a Realtor in a New Hampshire ski resort community - I'm able to preview properties, and work on business while I ski. Living in town means an office and a ski lift are less than a mile apart. I'll be busy on the weekend but mid-week I bring the following photos your way.

This is a shot across Loon pond looking over the Tote Road lift to the South Mountain side of Loon.

A Western View of Mount Moosilauke another 4000+ Footer and a favorite hike  looking towards Woodstock NH.

Franconia Notch state Park...where the old-man of … (4 comments)

lincoln nh: Over the river and through the woods - 12/26/11 04:59 AM
Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandfathers house we go...the SUV knows the way to carry the day when the weather is extreme and snowing. It's just another winter travel day, heading home after Christmas from any point east or west of New Hampshire means - there are no direct routes or major highway connections, and that is alright if you are a skilled winter driver. Heading Back From Maine this morning I took the scenic route, truth be told they are all scenic and there is no other choice but back roads and mountain passes.
I Enjoy the … (12 comments)

lincoln nh: North Country Center for the Arts - Annual Winter Auction- Lincoln NH - 02/11/11 12:54 AM

lincoln nh: Slope side family reteat and Winter Construction - 01/10/11 12:04 AM
Winter time under-construction in New England...We're use to cold temps and snow, we are building slope side in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I'll bring you some building progress photos of this site we just broke ground on. One of the private Home owner ski trails exits directly across from this home that's under construction. South Mountain slope sides properties at Loon's resort.
             Alpine Lakes Realty sold this site and Cargill Construction is doing the design build services.

 Jon & Amy's house, light snow with the mountain view obscured today. They're close enough to walk to the … (8 comments)

lincoln nh: last of the leaves to the first day of snow wasn't long to wait. New Hampshire - 11/26/10 04:18 AM
Woodstock New Hampshire...Another birch tree photo. taken Near the End of October.

Snow photo near the end of November,  last night as many were thinking about getting an early jump on the holiday shopping (affectionately known as Black Friday) We were getting a little white Friday.

As many of you know "Black Friday" was a term coined to mean the day retailers were in the Black (no longer in the red) for the year. Black Friday is important for sales of products leading up to the December "giving" holidays. It is only slightly different in the Ski Resort business...When … (11 comments)

lincoln nh: Wonderful White Mountain views Woodstock NH - Photos - 11/22/10 09:41 AM
No matter where you turn there they are, big majestic and this time of the year getting whiter by the day. Let me share three mountain views from the Little Village of Woodstock. You'll find a brew pub, a couple of ski resorts and 800,000 acres of National forest preserve between the Canadian boarder...Maine and Vermont. Here is What late November looks like from my little town. Woodstock New Hampshire.

     Mount Moosilauke...just west of town, Pemigewasset river valley...Cannon ski Area north of town.

  Mount Flume ... just east of the village of Woodstock NH...looking a bit more … (16 comments)

lincoln nh: Wearing my Heart in the foliage shot enjoy - 10/05/10 04:57 AM
I took this picture this morning (like a lot of mornings) on the Kancamagus National Forest Scenic highway. But something was a bit different the leaves seem to form a heat shape. I would have loved this shot either way, but this is a pretty nice way to start the day. Hancock Sight seeing Vista of Rte 112, Lincoln New Hampshire.

   While I have your attention I'll share a few more stellar shots from today.

 Hope you can make out the two beaver dams in the middle of the shot...this is a secluded spot on Rte 112


lincoln nh: White mountain NH foliage and condos for sale on the river - 10/03/10 06:32 AM
I love to take photos this time of year and the subject matter is usually mountain vistas...from hikes and scenic drives. But today I was doing some real estate photography for current listings and wish to share some very cool waterfront condominiums in the Loon mountain resort area (Lincoln & Woodstock New Hampshire).

   It is all about the location...the Crossing at River place in Woodstock New Hampshire...great view all year.

 The Pemigewasset river in Lincoln New Hampshire...this is the view from the Links Condominiums, and the other direction is of the South Mountain Ski slopes...something great to look … (9 comments)

lincoln nh: Loon Area New Construction 6 month winter rental at Forest Ridge Lincoln NH - 07/12/10 05:03 AM
Everyone wants a condo that is shiny and new, but the only way to do that is to buy one. Not so fast...I have an owner who will rent you one. Here are the general specs: 4 bedrooms 3 &1/2 baths, Oak floors on the living level new Berber carpet everywhere else. Gas fireplace (all the ambiance none of the work) gas kitchen stove, very tastefully decorated and appointed. Bonuses - comes with a garage, Top notch recreation center (with your rental) shuttle service to the slopes for those family members who work on their own time table, and is close … (5 comments)

lincoln nh: He followed me home...can I keep him? We'll call him RED. - 06/18/10 09:24 AM
        He followed me home can I keep him?
I’m afraid he’ll eat the cats, but other than that
He’s pretty clean and keeps to himself. He refuses
All hand outs and makes himself scarce when we
Have company around. He comes out a dusk and
Doesn’t stay long…he knows when it’s time to go?
But will pose for a picture if you move real slowly.
       We just call him RED.

  He was pretty close to the house and looked a bit skinny in this shot, I think the cats are in … (32 comments)

lincoln nh: White Mountain Recreational Adirondack homes, two hours from Boston. - 02/21/10 11:51 PM
Big Beautiful Adirondack construction home. 
We are in the early stages of building, with the structural beams are in place.
The Two Bedroom – Three Car Garage (Carriage House is finished inside) was the first thing to go up. The Owners wanted a place to stay while the rest of the home
Was being worked on. The Main House will feature a two bedroom suite upstairs,
a two bedroom suite (with play room) down stairs and a master bedroom suite on
the main living level.
I will post progress pictures over the next few months.
The Public … (8 comments)

lincoln nh: Adirondack Style Slope side homes Loon Mountain resort, Lincoln N.H. - 12/27/09 03:38 AM
The Adirondack style homes and brilliant use of material at South Peaks Mountain side enclave. In the true tradition of Adirondack style homes, the local material was put to use, the origins of the up state New York camps didn't lend them selves to easy areas of commerce. What you built with is what was native to the surroundings. Things have changes in custom home building, we incorporate Western logs, German Furnaces, Canadian Cabinets, Italian marble, and French tile ...but the exterior is true to the early great camps of the Adirondacks.
   Drawing the Concept:

Incorporating massive post and … (22 comments)

lincoln nh: How a 10th grade class sold me on Activerain. - 12/12/09 04:10 AM
Mrs. McGinley’s class found me on Google because of ActiveRain.
If you don’t think posting your blogs to the public is getting you noticed…think again. While waiting for take out the other night one of the local high school teacher stopped me and said everyone in my class saw your picture today. Alright you have my attention, how did that happen (I asked)?
Well my civics class was doing a report and needed to find a picture of a historic building to write about. When we Goggled Historic buildings in Lincoln New Hampshire, there you were … (123 comments)

lincoln nh: Loon mountain resorts, Lincoln NH, early developments offer superior locations - 09/26/09 02:39 AM
the truth about most resorts and older subdivisions, is this: The first locations developed were in many cases the best proximity to the Best Feature of the Resort or Town. While construction practices and design amenities have changed over the years nothing beats location...and anything can be updated.
Some examples of that in my Resort area are;
#1 the Village of Loon Mountain Resort, some condos here are 35 years old and are competing for the same buyers as new construction in a similar price range. The exterior is nothing special to look at but the proximity to the ski slopes … (7 comments)

lincoln nh: The Start of Foliage Silent Sunday, White Mountain NH Property photos. - 08/30/09 06:08 AM
Silent Sunday...and the trees have begun to change, way too soon.

The Foliage should be brilliant this year with all the rain we had.

Left-Right: Lafayette - Lincoln - Little Haystack - Mt Liberty - Mt Flume - Whaleback - Potash Knob.

Left Side is Cannon Mountain...stone area was the site of the Old Man of the Mountains, right side see picture above for the names.

All the above Shots are from the Deck of this home listed in Woodstock New Hampshire...hey it's a living!!

Steve Loynd your White mountain property expert.  / toll … (11 comments)

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