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I was listening to Donald Kohn, the vice chirman of the Federal Reserve on the radio yesterday. I'm guessing that he is probably very smart. He definitely understands the financial markets, but most of his speech was about the housing market. He said two things that I thought were interesting: 1)...
Why the housing crisis isn't getting better anytime soonYesterday I posted why now is the best time to take a reverse mortgage. I mentioned that most home prices in the U.S. will be decining for a while and I wanted to explain why this is so.Many economists and other pundits have no idea about wh...
Why NOW is the time to take a Reverse Mortgage There are a few compelling reasons to take a Reverse Mortgage right now as opposed to waiting: 1) Reverse Mortgage Interest rates are at their lowest EVER. The amount that you qualify for depends on three factors, age, value of the property and the i...
How Reverse Mortgages are helping people in Foreclosure There is a new company  in my building that is buying pools of distressed mortgages and working out the resolutions with the homeowners. What I have been finding is that many of these homeowners are over 61 years old and can be helped with a...
Why Reverse Mortgages are the most rewarding aspect of my life. I have been in the mortgage business for over ten years. I have been honest and I have helped many people buy and refinance their homes and it has been great. BUT, for the past two years, I have been specializing in Reverse Mortgages...
How do Reverse Mortgages work when used to Purchase a home? This is a question that I get a lot (very often from Realtors.) The way that a Reverse Mortgage works for a purchase is that the buyer (who must be 62 or older) uses the proceeds for the purchase much like a regular 'forward' mortgage. H...
Recent Changes and Improvements in the Reverse Mortgage Field I have spoken to many professionals who tell me that they know all they need to know about Reverse Mortgages. When I ask them when they were last informed about them, many tell me that they last learned about them over a year ago.  The...
I wanted to report some first hand situations where Reverse Mortgages helped people. 1) Rescue from Foreclosure. There is literally no other situation that gives me more joy than saving someone from being evicted out of their home. For many seniors who have gotten seriously behind on their mortga...
As I posted yesterday, one of the biggest complaints about a Reverse Mortgage is that the costs are too high. As I responded, there is just nothing in the world to compare a Reverse Mortgage to. Let me explain: A Reverse Mortgage is unique in three ways. The first is that it will provide income f...
The most common misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages: 1) The Lender "gets" the house. I hear this one every day, even from educated professionals. The truth is that  the owner keeps the house and has a loan on it the same way they do for a regular mortgage. They stay on title and the lender NEV...

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