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The ins and outs of the Lee County Florida's Real Estate Market - Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and the beaches and islands of Lee County.



K found this article to be very to the point and heart of our local market today. Comments from Mike Morgan - Tampa, FL RealtorQuote of the Week - Last week Boo Yaa [Cramer] said the homebuilders were toxic. This week he's "adamant homebuilders can't be owned." He's right, but he doesn't understa...
Remember the ABC television show The Wide World of Sports? Their classic introduction to the show was the line "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." Now we live in a day where one of the fastest growing "sports" is a card game called Texas Hold'em. Maybe it's me, but watching someone f...
Easter has come and gone. Inventory for single family homes rose in January, February and March. As I prepare to capture the data for April what can we expect. With out seeing the number I foresee a flattening as some sellers will give up and wait for the fall. This can be a mistake as we think w...
Getting mail as a kid was always fun, especially the cards from relatives that you hardly remember, but look forward to hearing from on your birthday and at Christmas. There would be that nanosecond pause, just before you ripped the card open, as you imagined how much loot was on the inside.I don...

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