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I live in Prescott Valley Arizona, which has a lot of Senior Citizens.  Now as you know seniors are mostly on a fixed income so they tend to be on a budget and conservative with their money.  The name of the game is "if its not on sale, don't buy it".  Then you have the food budget, which the fas...
I am working on a listing this week and the home owner has 5 dogs.  I told her before I visited that pet odor might be a problem with 5 dogs, "in the house".  She and I entered the house together and I immediately commented, pet odor.  She said well I normanlly do not notice it but now that you m...
Wow,  just when we thought that we had achieved the greatest time to buy or sell a home in years and years, there is a new program out that not only aids buyer, IT HELPS SELLERS!  Let me explain how the latest ruling from HUD is helping both buyers and sellers. On May 29th, HUD ruled that the Fir...
We buy an home and we always have to do what is required.  We set up an escrow account to insure that taxes and home insurance is paid every year.  We do this because our lender requires it! Lenders raquire you to do this because it protect them, right! So who is protecting you and your family?  ...
   Team Stanley, top Buyer Agents in Ellis County, Texas   Team Stanley Real Estate has been presenting first time home buyer seminars and presenting the benefits of the $8000 tax credit to our buyers in an effort to get them to realize that there has never been a better time to buy a home than ...
OK, winter is coming to a end and this old travler is ready to get out again. For those of you who subscribed to my blogs because of my travel pictures and comments, I apologize, but things have been busy trying to keep a business going. I admit I am getting the travel fever again, so I wanted to...
Would you reward poor performance on your team? Why in Gods name would our Government give money to people who have proven they cannot manage it? AiG, General Motors, Chrysler, what ever happened to Capitalism.  We work hard, do our job and get rewarded. The new way is, squander your money, poorl...
Here Is What Happened Monday January 26th - 9:43 - Tom, a Realtor in Sarasota, Florida, arrives at his office and is anxious to get to work. Afterall, he hasn't sold a home in over 2 months. Monday - 11:24 - 11:39 - Becky lives in Wisconsin and is thinking about buying a beach front condo on Sie...
We know that they are not going to pay any ones mortgage but consider this.  The amount of money in the stimulus package could payoff the mortgages for 90 million Americans.  In fact don't expect to get any cash as a home owner it will be consumed by banks, who are not actually loaning money at t...
Yes I have been a Cowboys fan for a long time and yes I still will be a fan.  The Eagles showed The Dallas Coaches and Player what motivation and team work can do and the Cowboys showed what happens when a team is made up of a bunch of hot shots who think the team will die without them, and they ...

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