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Many times we see people trying to sell their home "By Owner" and the truth is 80% of them will eventually hire a professional Realtor! Why do you need a Realtor? 1.  They know all the rules and regulations involved an can guide you through the process.  If you think you want to do it your self, ...
I am sure you have had the buyer like my recent buyer. I spent 3 months hauling this buyer from home to home searching for the perfect home.  As usual they see new homes and ask about them. So you do the right thing, take then to the Builders model home, REGISTER THE BUYER WITH THE BUILDER, then ...
Ok, I guess it was a natural for Wal Mart, more money, more money, more money,  They have already gone a long way to eliminate the local grocery, the local pharmacy, the local eye glass office, and they have a photo studio, branch bank, why not real estate?  I can see a little slotted in open sto...
I do not want to offend any one, but with the economy like it is we are looking for ways to maintain our business level, and every day I see a new discount brokerages arriving on the scene and when I go to list, the first question I get is "how much is your fee and will you give a discount", I am...
I recently read an article about the Texas Real Estate Cycle (probably occurs Nation Wide) and how it compared to the Joseph Cycle.  The Joseph Cycle is reference to the biblical story where Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream to mean seven years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. When we st...
A lot of people have responded to my blog or have called and ask about the $7500 credit for first time home buyers.  Below is not my report but is a copy of a report released by Real Estate Research, and it is more detailed. Attached is a copy of the latest information from Realtor Research infor...
 The Market is changing in Ellis County, Texas, catch the wave.   Latest News, it looks like the trend for growing inventory in Ellis County is coming to an end!  While the inventory still remains high, homes are selling and new listing are coming on the market.  While over 200 homes sold in June...
Reality is often not visible for all the news hype and negative stories, but Reality is often hidden under all that media hype.   You can rely on your professional realtor to know what is going on in your market so it is the Goal of Team Stanley to give you the real story about real estate, regar...

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