success: 5 Common Traits of Top Producers - 06/22/15 02:03 AM
A few weeks ago a broker asked me how it is that I have so much confidence in the Realtors I work with.  She found it surprising that I seem to have a fundamental belief that anyone can make it in this tough business.  I’ll tell you how I answered after sharing the following story:
Last week I read an article that the BYU football team had just recruited a young man from Tonga, 6’7” 410lbs.  The team has never seen him play.  The media asked the football coach how they could recruit and give a scholarship to a kid that they’ve … (10 comments)

success: Success is found in DESIRE - 06/13/12 12:33 AM
At the age of 19 my dad had me read a book by Napoleon Hill, "Think and GROW RICH".  It was first published in 1937, the first of its kind.  A self-help book for those seeking success in whatever the endeavor may be.  The book was revolutionary and to this day remains one of my top 5 business books of all time.  It taught me DESIRE and provided me the inspiration and confidence I needed.  It helped me realize that I can accomplish anything in life that I DESIRE.  It first sold for $2.50 a copy.  Today you can get it for an … (5 comments)

success: Success is in the DETAILS - 01/23/12 02:08 AM
Many years ago while working undercover as a narcotics Police Officer I was given the opportunity for a promotion that would have provided me with the additional income my young family needed so badly.
My Lieutenant asked me to provide him some information on a particular neighborhood that I had worked for many years.  I knew all the important facts about the neighborhood, or at least I thought I did.  I quickly went to work and the next day I provided him the report. 
One week later it was announced that another officer would be given the position that I so … (4 comments)

success: The Difference Between Winning and Losing - 11/15/11 01:38 AM
Last week, Thursday at 4pm my cell phone rang.... it was my wife calling to deliver the news.  Did my 12-year old daughter, Kendall, make the middle school basketball team or not?  I dreaded answering the call.  I was bracing fo a "no", that would be followed by the broken heart and sobbings of my sweet Kendall in the background.
Earlier in the year Kendall tried out for and missed the cut for the volleyball team.  She's been playing for years and missing the cut was totally devastating.  Rather than completely giving up, Kendall decided to be the team manager which entails the same schedule as the players but with the … (4 comments)

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