colleens corner: I Did A Bad Bad Thing - 06/05/11 12:52 PM
In my book of real estate rules... there are rules that can be stretched, some that can be overlooked (given the right set of circumstances) and others I have kept inviolate for two decades.
 I'm not talking about MLS, State or Board rules & regs, I'm talking about my personal business standards.
Example of a stretched rule? Taking the cutest dog in the world for a ride to a client's house because I knew they would get a kick out of meeting her in person. (We'd shared dog stories & pictures throughout the home selling process)
Example of an overlooked rule? Showing without a pre-approval letter in … (48 comments)

colleens corner: Ear Plugs Anyone? - 10/17/08 11:13 AM
I heard a woman on the radio today say how sick and tired she was at being told how awful things are for her and her family. She said that they were doing "okay" all things considered but didn't feel good about anything because every time she turned around someone was telling her something different. 
I snapped out of my Friday afternoon energy-dip realizing she had summed up exactly what has been eating at me for the last week or so.
I don't feel horrible.
I am doing ok...better than ok even.
But I haven't felt that way.  I've been letting the news, comments, interviews, articles, … (25 comments)

colleens corner: Spooky Houses Just Don't Sell Well (even after years on Market) - 10/02/08 03:51 AM
update:  This post was written 6 years ago. It's also interesting to note the property which inspired this post was on the market for more than 5 years and never sold.  
 I should have taken it as a sign when the listing agent told me that the property I was calling about was "very interesting".
Instead I got excited and told him how much I loved to see interesting homes....he just chuckled. (and in hindsight I think his laugh actually sounded a little diabolic)
And now I know why.
The original plan was for me to go preview this home … (62 comments)

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