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My Blogs are geared primarily to the History, Happenings, Lifestyles and Real Estate of the Florida Keys. As a native South Floridian with family ties to the Keys that stretch back to the 50's, I look forward to sharing my unique perspective on the Jewels of Florida, America's Caribbean...the fabulous Florida Keys
What can I say? I just LOVE the Keys! From the incredible waterways to the funkiness of Key West and Fantasy Fest, the Keys are one of this Country’s true treasures. Some of my fondest and earliest precious memories involve dining at the Coral Grill, fishing off the catwalk on the Cardsound Bridg...
Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, and he LOVES the Florida Keys!!! Though, for the Buyers of this property, he came a little early, wearing Tommy Bahama with Seahorses pulling his sleigh.   Single Family Waterfront Home...Check CBS Construction... Check Islamorada Location ...Check Under $400...
How Cool is this?? If your humble Conchquistador wasn't busy being ...well...your Conchquistador., then, this sounds like a super cool gig that I would certainly enjoy, and find challenging. How about you?? Ready to ditch the cubicle and "Lumburgh and his 'Yeah's.. about those TPS Reports'", cold...
Like a Summer Day out on the Sandbar, with the Sun directly overhead, Florida Keys Real Estate is Red Hot.   Smoldering, a hot cauldron of Real Estate Stew.  Waterfront Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Mobiles, Commercial, it's cooking into a fine Bouillabaisse of rising property values.  ...
October of my favorite days of the year.  Why? you ask?....Well it's time to get stoned....   No, no, no, put down your smokeless hitters and step away from the bong and turn down the Jack Johnson songs ....we're not talking 420, but Stone Crabs!!   October is my favorite time of year...
Tickle Stick...Check...Net ...Check...Gloves ...Check ....Secret GPS Lobster Spots (AKA Honeyholes) Check! OK! It's time for Mini-Lobster Season!!!  Get The Butter!     For 2014 the Bugs are out and they Are Big!!   Yes it's that crazy two days in July here in The Keys where boat gas prices soar,...
OK Readers... Time to brush the dust off and get back to some serious hardcore blogging about what's hot in Florida Keys Real Estate. Your Conchquistador has been tied up lately with a lot of great business, but happy to be once again working out my stubby fingers on the keyboard bringing you the...
Forget George Carlin's 7 dirty words. Forget the F, S, C, P, D, and just about any other A thru Z words....When it comes to June 1st in the Florida Keys, one word is MOST Profane!!!! Wash your mouth out with bad Zest Profane..and that is The H-Word....Hurricane.   Yep, It's THAT Time of Year Aga...
It's a Big Sea out there.   Sometimes it's Benevolent, and Majestic, and simply Wonderful.  And Sometimes.... Sometimes,  it'll make you It's Bitch.   Been There It's THOSE times that you need to be prepared.  BOATS break down.  It's part of the ... joys having a boat.  Again, BOATS break down.  ...
You've got to hand it to my friend Captain Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters in Islamorada.   Besides being a fantastic Captain and Fishing Guide in Islamorada, who was just honored by The Conch Republic's Northernmost Territories as "Best Back Country Guide", Captain Matt owns and Operates a win...

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