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The PrinterBees blog on Active Rain is all about helping Realtors® find the best marketing for the market of the moment. We are honored to serve thousands of real estate agents in their quest for great real estate marketing and hope our contributions on Active Rain inspire those we work with and those who don't work with us yet to soar in their marketing efforts.
I saw a horror story online from a real estate agent the other day. They had a house listed and used a lockbox to allow buyer’s agents to access the home. The homeowner came home after a period where four showings took place, and found the front door ajar, toilet seat up, and a towel on the bathr...
You’ve passed your licensing and you’re ready to go! Time to dive into lead generation, buyer’s presentations, and more. But how do you learn to do all that – and do it effectively?Or perhaps you’ve been in business for years. The industry has changed, but not much has changed in how you operate....
As a buyer’s agent, you may think that farming is just for listers. It’s easy to feel that you don’t need to farm a neighborhood because you’re looking for people moving in, not listings of people moving out.Unfortunately, you’re losing out on key buyers when you hold this attitude. Farming an ar...
I came across an amazing little anecdote recently. It went like this:A man was going to the restroom when $5 fell out of his shirt pocket into the urinal. He stared at it for a minute, trying to decide what to do. He reached into his wallet, grabbed a $50 bill, and threw it in the urinal as well....
Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers, especially millennials. Even more, it’s an extremely effective marketing tool, with an amazing return on investment. Recently we talked about how automated email marketing could effectively give you a full-time marketing assistant for $199/m...
So… it’s summer, the weather is great, and you want to take a vacation with you family. I know, I know, wishful thinking, right? But let’s say you pull it off. You wrap up your current clients, you let others in your brokerage take the active prospects, and you take time off. Let’s even say you r...
Millennials are the age-range from 18-34 – today’s young adults and young professionals. They wield $1.3 trillion in annual buying power, and are incredibly diverse. Nearly 43% are non-white and 25% speaking a language other than English at home.This is the generation most likely to be buying the...
Many of us while away our lunch hour chatting with colleagues in our brokerage, running errands, or just zoning out. But what if you put your lunch to work? Lunch can be a great time to develop leads and connect with your sphere of influence.The key here is to not be pushy or salesy. Building lea...
Last week we talked about having a full-time marketing assistant for only $199/month. To continue with the topic, I have some exciting ways you can do online advertising very affordably (or, many times, FREE)!Both Facebook and Twitter are great online platforms to engage with buyers and sellers. ...
The main reason real estate professionals – and other business owners – don’t follow up on leads is generally simple. They don’t have time.Certainly, professionals realize how important leads are, and they’d love to drop everything to get in touch right away with everyone who comes in. But they s...

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