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  This is the third installment in a series of blogs meant to help sellers in Davenport avoid the pitfalls that may get in the way of getting their short sale sold. In this installment we are going to talk about making sure buyers can get a foot in the door. See what I did with the picture there?...
  If you read my last blog post about short sales and Home Owner's Associations, then you know I'm writing about things that will stop you short when trying to sell your Davenport Short Sale. There are any number of things that will kill the deal and should be avoided. Today we'll discuss propert...
  I've been working with a few homes owners on short sales who have sort of abandoned their homes and forgotten about them while trying to sell them. This has made the task of selling these particular homes a little tough. So I thought I'd put together a small list of things that can derail a sho...
  Short sale flipping in it ethical? Sometimes I wonder how far out of touch NAR is with the reality of selling real estate in this market. I read in one of their email newsletters a couple weeks ago that they think flipping a short sale is unethical. What they referred to was a co...
Davenport Short Sale Success Requires Realistic Offers. I would say it has become pretty much common knowledge that short sales require lender approval. Many investors are now getting on board with how to successfully buy a short sale. However, just in case you need a refresher please read up on...
Trust is a two way street. I recently had a brush with what I think is one of the best scam artists I've seen or even heard of to date. I received a lead from one of my websites and a gentlemen was asking for more details about a property. He was in the United Kingdom and wanted some more informa...
Fishing at the bottom of the barrel. That's how I describe buying condos in Central Florida right now. It's hard to believe, but you can find a decent condo in Orlando for $30,000-$40,000. Investors are buying them up at a staggering rate too. I recently heard of one investor buying 70 units in H...

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