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We specialize in selling unique properties. If you have a beautiful property and you have a need to sell, we specialize in creating a marketing presence that will sell your home. Mark it SOLD!



How to Successfully Buy a Short Sale Property ~ A short sale is a property that is what we call "upside down" in the market. The owner owes more money on the property than the property is worth in the current market. The short sale property will be on the market for less than market value.  This ...
Land of Big Sky ~ Three Mountain Ranges and the Charm of a River Community! This land of ours, Shasta County is a haven of beauty and affodability for all lifestyles. From Nature's Bounty of the Wild Lands, Hiking and camping to fishing and boating, we have it all. Come for a visit and see our be...
My partner and I receive phone calls each day from people who need help. They are behind in their mortgage payments and they don't know what to do. They have suffered a hardship of some type and cannot catch up. We go over the items that help us determine what their choices may be. Is their loan ...
Redding Real Estate has been in a declining market since the first part of 2006. 2007 saw foreclosures and short sales continue to affect the trending market value for our area. Homeowners that were not able to grasp the concepts of a declining market, continued to price their homes higher than c...
It's my day off and my beautiful golden retriever named "Ginger" or "GIGI" as we sometimes call her is giving me that look.....like it's take me for a walk or I'm going to chew up your favorite shoe. It is such a blessing to have loved ones and beautiful loving pets that require your attention. I...
It's not easy being green. Kermit was so wise and it is so true in a worldly way. We come to know in our daily experience the wisdom in these simple phrases that make up the rich fabric of our lives. It's not always easy to maintain the highest level of conduct and performance. What is it that he...
I am in a space and place where I find beauty in all I do. I lost my son in March and my world has changed. I am a quieter person now and I see so much more than before. In my posts that I have written about my beautiful son Christoper, I have shared the beauty and grace of this special young man...
For many years the business world has applied vertical integration in marketing and business development strategies. We are now seeing this vertical integration being applied to the real estate industry. It will be providing the visibility for our clients to more and more use technology to showc...
WOW....what a surprise this am. So easy and BAM a full blown outside blog in 7 or 8 simple instructions. Amazing. Powerful mojo going on here.....you guys rock! Smooth and elegant.....WOW....I really am speechless. I do have a question, however.....should we submit all our posts to the new outsid...
My husband and I are technologists. We came along early on when technology was emerging and the desktop computer was a new concept. We've come a long way and the current opportunities for use of technology in real estate becomes exciting. We now can provide dedicated websites for each listing, hi...

Jeanean Gendron

Specializing in Selling Unique Properties
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