house: You must show me a house on Christmas Day, but I do not want to use an agent - 12/27/09 04:39 AM
Why is it the holidays seem to bring out the worst in people?  On Christmas Eve, I receive a call from a buyer interested in a property located next to a property I just sold.  This property is of course listed by another agent.
First the buyer asks me a number of questions about the property.  While I had been in it to do comps I obviously knew little else about it.  She then stated that she is looking for a home for her parents and that I must show it to her that night.
Do they have an agent?, I … (10 comments)

house: Flipped short sale listed by same agent - unethical? - 07/07/09 07:19 AM
Some time ago a house came on the market not far from my own house.  I drove by it almost every day as it continued to sit on the market through numerous price decreases.  One day I looked the property up on the MLS and noted that it had fallen so far in price that it became a short sale.
The listing stayed active for months, but eventually sold for around $410,000.  The original price of the home before price reductions was around $490,000.  From my estimates, the home was probably worth somewhere in the middle.  This wasn't overly shocking, but … (8 comments)

house: Remodeling. Yeah! - 07/02/09 07:56 AM
After a long eight years, I have finally convinced my husband to remodel the kitchen and the rest of the house.  We decided to go all out and I am very excited for how it will turn out.  Even though construction is not yet done, I thought I would share with you what I have learned so far.
The final price will always exceed the budget
Amazingly, we are only about 20% over our initial budget right now, thanks to a considerable amount of planning ahead of time.  Still, keep in mind that you will exceed whatever budget you initially come … (2 comments)

house: Median Prices by Bellevue High Schools Update - 05/19/09 02:56 AM
In January I posted a survey of median prices of houses sold in the areas for the different Bellevue high schools.  Now that some time has passed by, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the prices again to see how they have changed.  Of course, I cannot include the International School because it is by lottery.  Data was obtained using this method and consists of the median house price sold.
By the way, you can see a map of the high school boundaries here.
These results do seem to indicate that lower priced homes are what … (0 comments)

house: Would you qualify an agent on the other side of your transaction? - 03/16/09 03:56 AM
Recently while talking with a seller for a listing that had been canceled near one I had recently sold, I was rather taken back at a comment when I mentioned that I sell homes that I list.
Well, at that price you definitely will.
I have heard this quite a bit lately.  The secret to selling a house lies solely in the price.  If you price a property well, buyers will come and the house will sell.  However, from my experience that simply isn't true.
Many times I have looked through listings and suddenly came across something - how could it … (4 comments)

house: An example of a great agent! - 03/13/09 05:01 AM
As I have already mentioned, I recently closed on a very frustrating property.  The property had fallen through four times.  After the property had fallen through for the fourth time, I had a back up offer ready to go.
The property was very attractively priced and received multiple offers every time it went back on the market.  In this instance, there were three very serious buyers.  I will call them A, B, and C.  I called them in the afternoon to let them know the property was available.  I told them what we needed and told them I needed it now.  … (2 comments)

house: I sold a house through ActiveRain! You rock AR!!! - 03/10/09 04:52 AM
Recently I sold one of the most difficult properties I have ever had to deal with.  The house was amazing and priced perfectly.  It attracted buyers and offers like a magnet and each time it came on the market we received multiple offers.  However, it seemed that every buyer we reached a mutual agreement with was a flake.
The last two buyers (including the one that finally closed on the house) came through ActiveRain.  They saw my listing here and contacted me privately.  The first set of buyers decided to not use an agent and wound up backing out after getting … (7 comments)

house: The demise of simple searching - 02/10/09 03:30 AM
When I first started at John L Scott, my husband used to tease me that he preferred searching on Windermere's web site.  While at times he found the mapping features on our web site useful, most of the time he just wanted to find listings in Bellevue, with a certain square footage, number of bedrooms, and within a certain price.
He would then limit the search to properties only two days old, place a bookmark on the page, and each day look what came on the market.
However, he recently called me up quite upset.
They got rid of simple searching!, … (7 comments)

house: Would I buy a house right now? - 01/27/09 04:32 AM
Perhaps the most common question I hear from potential clients is
Would you honestly buy a house yourself right now?
My answer is
Yes I would, but with some preconditions.
I honestly would buy a house right now, if we had the necessary savings to make such a move.  If we did, I would buy a house with the following preconditions.
First, I'm not sure I would buy a house this month.  House prices are currently declining and it is in my interest to wait a bit.  How long should we wait?  I think February or March may be a good … (5 comments)

house: If you're so motivated, then drop the price! - 01/22/09 03:34 AM
I don't know how many listings I see these days with the words prominently displayed.
First of all, what is a "motivated seller".  After all, shouldn't all sellers be motivated in order to place their house on the market?  Yes, I know what this means.  It means that the seller desperately wants to sell the house and will look at any offer.
It also tells me that I would be crazy to put anything near a full price offer on the property.  After all, the seller obviously wants to get rid of the thing and is obviously having a … (10 comments)

house: Median prices by Bellevue High Schools - 01/21/09 03:36 AM
I thought it would be interesting to do a survey of the median cost of a house sold in the areas for the different Bellevue high schools.  Of course, I cannot include the International School because it is by lottery.  Data was obtained using this method and consists of the median house price sold.
By the way, you can see a map of the high school boundaries here.

house: What does the desire for bigger, further out houses tell us? - 01/19/09 05:49 AM
In general, I have noticed that younger individuals like myself prefer newer, fancier homes.  Bachelors tend to prefer condos and older individuals tend to prefer homes closer to the city.  In the case of older individuals, I'm not sure if they actually prefer these homes or if they are just used to living there - or in other words when they bought the home it was a newer, fancier home.
Regardless, what makes this interesting is that newer, fancier homes are much cheaper the further one moves from the city center.  Therefore, I have noticed a trend where people of my … (1 comments)

house: My Take on the Seattle Area Market Right Now - 01/16/09 02:33 AM
In this post I will not bore you with statistics but will tell you instead what I am seeing from the trenches.  For the last several months, the market has been in a huge state of flux.  The only thing that has been predictable about it is its unpredictability.
First, home prices in general seem to be falling considerably.  How much they have fallen depends on the price range.  Starter homes seem to not have been hurt very much, but more expensive homes have taken a beating.  There are some homes that I have noticed sold for forty percent less than … (3 comments)

house: I see your house 5 times and you call me the day it expires?! - 01/13/09 05:38 AM
Recently, while searching for a home for one of my clients, I visited the property of a well known agent in this area.  I first visited this property while pricing one of my own listings.  I used the keybox, left my card, and never heard anything from the agent.
A few weeks later, I was working with a buyer interested in that price range and area.  I previewed the house myself as I had forgotten many of the details and whether it would work for my buyer.  Again I used the keybox and left another card.  No call.
The house was … (8 comments)

house: Please don't scare my buyers with your negligence! - 01/12/09 04:23 AM
Every house has its problems.  You cannot hide them (in reality and legally) and even if you do a good inspector should find them.  However, it is important that you do what you can to prevent them from scaring off a buyer before they make a decision on a house.
What exactly am I talking about?  When buyers walk into a house, they will first attempt to determine if the house meets their needs.  They are looking at the size of the yard, the number of bedrooms, the kitchen, the layout of the house, etc.  They likely will not examine the … (5 comments)

house: A true measure of staging - 01/05/09 03:34 AM
Another agent I know recently listed a home that was previously a short sale but was foreclosed by the bank.  While the house was for sale as a short sale, it was decently staged and received several offers.  The home received several offers and one of them was accepted by the sellers.  Unfortunately, the offer was never accepted by the bank and the house was foreclosed.
My friend received the property from the bank and listed it again.  He listed it for the same price as the previously accepted offer - which this time the bank agreed to.  However, he decided … (3 comments)

house: Don't disservice your sellers by listing their house - 11/11/08 08:30 AM
Recently I have been reading in the papers about agents complaining that they have multiple listings and nothing is selling.  They blame it on the economy, on the oversupply of houses, and on the lack of buyers.  They are completely wrong.
If you have a ton of listings, and none of them are selling, it is your fault - plain and simple.
Why is it your fault?  It is your fault because the prices of the houses are wrong.  I shouldn't need to tell you this because the market already has.  The market isn't nice and polite - it tells you … (8 comments)

house: A fun day - 11/07/08 02:16 AM
Yesterday morning, I finally receive the notification - pending a single form, I can list the property!  The property is bank owned, in a very desirable neighborhood, gorgeous, and very hot.  Already I have several agents with buyers that are calling me on it - asking when it will be listed.  Finally, I receive the notification that it can be listed.  Yeahhh!!!
There's only one slight problem, because they were recently doing work on it, I was not able to get in to lightly stage it and have my husband photograph it (he is profecional and does stock photography).  I call … (6 comments)

house: What your kids look for in real estate - 11/05/08 02:06 AM
Some time ago while looking at homes, our two kids (ages 4 and 5) became quite distressed.  They emphatically stated that they did not want us to buy a home and liked our home perfectly well.  They love our backyard and the swing set we have there for them.
One day we ran across an open house in a neighborhood we would like to move to and couldn't resist stopping.  The house was nice, but out of our price range.  The house also contained a large playground which probably cost quite a bit to install.  The kids absolutely loved the house … (5 comments)

house: Don't live your life through pauses - 10/28/08 04:38 AM
My husband and I dated for few months before he proposed.  His reasoning for proposing so quick was that it was obvious that I was 'the one', so why wait an inordinate amount of time?  He coined the phrase "Don't live your life through pauses" and I have found that it certainly makes sense. (BTW we have been happily married for 8 years)
After we were married, we decided to buy a house.  Some friends urged us to wait, but we knew that our lives would improve significantly when we got out of that apartment complex.  Two weeks before we closed on the house, 9/11 occurred.  … (5 comments)

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