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In New Orleans the answer is yes and no. For a pool like the one shown above it adds very little value except if the buyer want one. It is a deal if the purchasers value one. When it come to a new pool the it does have value but never as much as the seller thinks. Not a lot of homes have pools he...
This is a cut and paste which I never like. But found it rather profound  04:12 PM CDT on Monday, August 28, 2006Jessica Beeson My Katrina experience was a rather special one. Four or five years ago my parents separated; I stay with my mom during the week because it's closer to school, and I go w...
Have any of the agents here ever sold anything famous that the rest of us would know about. I havent sold any of these type of properties yet. I would think someone would have sold one or something almost famous. Let us know.     St. Louis Cathedral If there is a signature scene for New Orleans, ...
Its been a long year for people who call New Orleans home. We are a hearty bunch when you look back over the past year. Many people have left but many have stayed and have had to rearrange their lifes under most difficult circumstances. Homes that we sell were peoples lives and dreams. Its the pl...
Blogs with photos and images are becoming more common to the posting. I hope that trend continues because seeing gives everyone another way to see what you are talking about. People and clients like to look at pictures of houses, areas, and interesting places. If I were William Faulkner then I co...
Like one of the agents wrote a blog about dogs while showing. They need to be gone. If you can train them to go for a drive while showing then you will have it made. Since most don't drive you can take the dog blog and print it for your presentation. Sometimes coming from a third party it plays b...
  Football season is almost here. When LSU plays everyone takes a break from real estate. It is well deserved, the buyers are watching, the phone doesn't ring, the sellers are at the game. Its a big deal in this area. People make it an all day affair these days. The better games are at nite under...
I received my NAR New Orleans convention booklet in the mail today. I live here but was interested to see the number of great tours thay are having of area sites. I am going to take the time to go as when you live in a place you never get to see many of the things others come here to see. There a...
Sometimes people wonder what you do all day. 630pm and just got back to the office.1. return phone calls to people who called before 930am and after 7 the nite before2. Check emails and retun answers. New prospect wrote in and wants a condo downtown in the 250-300k range. We talk about condo fees...
Your website is extremely helpful in give new clients who may be moving to the area and want to know more than just prices and facts. I am trying to give clients a feel for the area more than just school facts, commute times and such. I will also give them those items but trying to think of the e...

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