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        Sometimes a camera can catch things we rarely see. When building these turn of the century building these works of stone art were not a great return on ROI so why did they do so much of it. Did they not have accounts on their staffs. Like the Lion head on this 1910 building,it almost too ...
I was reading one of Ken Smiths blogs on working with sellers and buyers. I think working with everybody works great if you are working as a real estate team. I see more of these teams forming. We are beginning to see it in this market. Is it a fade or a future model. I know you need it for large...
As a group we work hard and many hours. I do a lot of business because I do work hard. I dont know if its Katrina fatigue or getting near the end of the real estate year but I am running low on energy and looking for ways to recaputue that spark. I started exercising again which I had stopped doi...
                                   Famous Artist ?                                                                  Famous Author Lived here recently?                                                                  My Favorite of the past 6 months served here?                                    ...
                                           The Saint Charles Garden Condos located at 3915 St Charles Ave were converted from apartments into condos in 2004. The location on the tree lined St. Charles Ave half-way between the University-Uptown areas and the central business district made it a gre...
The Destrehan-St. Rose area is a great place to live. You are close to a major city with all the things New Orleans has to offer. Its a place for the families who like the outdoors. You can be salt water fishing in 30 minutes, you can be fishing for Bass in 20 minutes. There are golf cources, wel...
The Elmwood Oaks Condos are moderately priced condo association of 101 units consisting of mostly two bedroom units mixed in with a couple of one bedroom units. The one bedroom units are about 800 sq. ft. while the two bedrooms are 1000sq. ft. There is plenty of easy parking. Each of the units wi...
Fountains are always a pleasant site where ever you may find them. Its an artistic expression that is meant to enjoy in an urban setting. I enjoy them wether large or small, the sound of the water, the light reflecting off, and the fact some developer decided to add a quality of life item that in...
I continue to see the trend that Krystal wrote about in an earlier blog, about that a certain segment does not want to drive long distances. They enjoy having all their needs close to work and home. Not everyone wants to get in a car every and drive an hour to work. Ride a street car which does n...
Wild things would be mild for this house I sold 4-5 years ago. You are seeing less than 50% of the collection in what the seller called his "game room". this was his families hobby over the last 50 years. the family was in the shipping business. i was not the listing agent but the selling agent s...

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