I am a relatively new activerain blogger and my profile stats say that I am a featured member but I am not sure what this means.  Any activerain veterans out there that want to help the rookie?
Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? If you missed it please visit her website.  This was a very inspirational episode, showing high school students that raise money to build schools (and other infrastructure) in developing nations.  The high school team that was featured had raised money to build a s...
1 BR CONDO - VACATION YEAR ROUND If you love to Ski, Hike, Bike, Swim and Golf this 1 Br Condo may be your DREAM COME TRUE. Live part time or full time at the Appalachian in Mountain Creek. NJ/NY border 1 hour from NYC. Conveinient to the charming Village of Warwick. Top floor, ski in/ski out uni...
I recently opened a Trulia account and I see that you can post your open house dates and times to the website.  Has anyone ever had a walk in that heard about your open house through Trulia?  Are there any other websites out there that offer similar options? The past few weeks have been slow for ...
I don't know about you but all I have been hearing about on the news lately is how gas prices continue to climb and how these rising energy prices have affected the economy - for example even the price of groceries has increased due to higher transportation costs!! Here are a few ways that I was ...
Bob and I just wanted to wish all the Mother's a very Happy Mother's Day!  I hope your day is special and that you realize just how much your family appreciates what you do for them!
Last night a friend of ours was taking a train home from Manhattan, later then usual due to an office party, and he fell asleep on the train.  Anyone that has ever been on a Metro North train knows that it is very common for commuters to catch a few zzzz's.  Unfortunately for our friend he awoke ...
Currently we have multiple customers that bought at the peak of the real estate market a few years back and have come to us to list their house. A majority  of these customers are moving down south, some due to a company relocation, and unfortunately we had to list their houses significantly belo...
I read an article on Yahoo this morning regarding the $2.2 billion dollar loss that Fannie Mae recorded due to people defaulting on their loans. The part of the article that really stuck out to me was that Fannie Mae is anticipating further decline of the real estate market and they are projectin...

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